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O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli


Vitra in Lugano, Como and Milan. A small design jewel signed by the talented young designer Michel Charlot. This design accessory for the home is durable and has already captivated the design world in just a few years, becoming a distinctive and inimitable icon. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 22 x h. 8) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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O-Tidy: the design accessory for unique and surprising environments

Looking for a way to customise and make your space unique? O-Tidy is the answer. This design accessory combines elegance and functionality

Discover O-Tidy: the design accessory that is revolutionising interior design with its unique combination of style and functionality. Made of the highest quality materials, this furnishing accessory is available in a wide range of vibrant, eye-catching colours, conveying an atmosphere of peace, comfort and uniqueness in every room. Whether in an office, bathroom or kitchen, O-Tidy is the detail that will make the difference, creating surprising and unique spaces for you and your guests. Add O-Tidy to your collection of home accessories and let your home shine with timeless beauty.

O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli
O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli

Creativity at work

Designer accessories for a stylish office

This office accessory will harmoniously transform your clutter into order. Its elegance and the materials it is made of make it the ideal design accessory for storing pens, pencils and work items. With this home accessory, you can add a touch of class and style to your desk, creating an atmosphere of order and efficiency that will inspire your creativity.

O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli

Memory Corner

Preserving life's treasures: home accessories

These home accessories are special places to store life's precious memories: from postcards of an exciting adventure around the world to the crayons you used to express your creativity as a child. Each item enclosed in these accessories will be a priceless treasure, evoking indelible emotions every time you look at them

O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli

A question of functionality

Versatile and useful accessories for everyday life

O-Tidy are home accessories that offer a versatile and stylish solution for organising and decorating your living spaces. Made from high-quality materials and available in a wide range of colours, these accessories are the perfect choice to add style and functionality to any room, from kitchen to bathroom, bedroom to living room. With O-Tidy, you can keep your favourite items safe while adding a touch of personality and colour to your home.


The genius of Michel Charlot.

Exploring creativity through design

The young designer matured his artistry under the guidance of the legendary Jasper Morrison, working in studios in Paris, Tokyo and London. Since 2013, his partnership with Vitra has allowed him to exhibit his artwork in world-class contexts, from exclusive design exhibitions in Luxembourg to the prestigious United States. At the heart of his Savoir Faire is his ability to create forms without corners that infuse the most monotonous environments with vitality, adding a touch of originality and breaking up the daily routine.

O-Tidy is a design accessory produced by Vitra and offered by Peverelli

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