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D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli


The D.156.3 armchair is an iconic design element from the 1950s, appreciated for its clean, geometric lines that give it a sophisticated, modern image. Made with great craftsmanship, it is available in two wood finishes: glossy black or Canaletto walnut, which perfectly match the high-quality leather or fabric upholstery. The armchair is also extremely comfortable thanks to the carefully studied ergonomics of the seat and backrest, which adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (71 x 97 x h. 88 cm) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The D.156.3 armchair by Gio Ponti: an icon of Italian design

The timeless appeal of Italian design

The D.156.3 armchair, designed by Gio Ponti, is considered an icon of high-end Italian design. Its structure, built with great attention to detail, is composed of a solid wooden frame and elegant upholstery, available in a wide range of colours and finishes to perfectly suit any interior setting. This iconic armchair has a contemporary design that reflects the sophistication and elegance of the era in which it was created, yet continues to be popular, adapting perfectly to even the most modern tastes. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of options available, each buyer can customise it to meet their own needs and style preferences. This armchair offers great comfort, thanks to its carefully studied ergonomics to perfectly adapt to the shape of the body. This makes it an ideal option for relaxing, reading or working, in a home or professional environment.

D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli
D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli

Elegant shapes

Timeless beauty of Italian design

The designer armchair is a work of art of Italian design, designed by Gio Ponti. Its essential form is characterised by harmonious geometries and perfect proportions, which combine harmoniously with high quality materials and elegant finishes. The result is a distinctive element that can be perfectly adapted to any interior environment, from modern to classic style.

D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli

Comfort and design

Ergonomics: perfect balance between design and functionality

The D.156.3 armchair not only looks good, but offers a high level of comfort thanks to its carefully thought-out ergonomics. The seat and backrest adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, providing adequate support for the neck, back and arms. This makes it an ideal choice for relaxing, reading or even working in a home or professional environment.

D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli

High-quality materials

Customisation and style: a unique furnishing element

This armchair is highly customisable, offering numerous possibilities for configuration and personalisation. In addition to the wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, you can select from a variety of upholstery material options, from fine velvet to high-quality fabric. In this way, each buyer can create a unique piece to suit their own needs and style preferences, for a customised and original interior ambience.


Giò Ponti & D.156.3

A new design concept in the world

Gio Ponti was one of the most important Italian architects and designers of the 20th century, born in Milan in 1891. His career was characterised by great creativity and innovation, both in the field of architecture and furniture design. Among his most famous works is the D.156.3 Armchair, an iconic seat designed in 1956 for the Altamira company in New York. The armchair was created by Ponti as part of a series of chairs and armchairs made for Altamira, which had commissioned the Italian designer to create a complete collection for its New York showroom. Ponti worked on the design of the armchair with care, trying to create a seat that was both comfortable and refined, with an elegant and modern design. The D.156.3 armchair was presented for the first time in Altamira's New York showroom in 1956, immediately arousing great interest among insiders and the public. The chair was produced in different variants and colours over the following years, becoming one of Gio Ponti's most representative works and one of the symbols of Italian design in the world. Today, the armchair is considered a work of art and a design object of great value, highly sought after by collectors and design lovers all over the world.

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