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Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli


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Authorised dealers Giorgetti Meda Lugano, Como and Milan. Progetti is a design armchair, or rather an icon of style and refinement. Thanks to its solid wooden frame and high-quality leather and fabric upholstery. Its unique and unmistakable design makes it easily recognisable and distinguishes it from any other chair. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 63 x 67 x h.90) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The Progetti armchair: elegance and comfort in a design icon

The Progetti armchair: the art of comfort and style in a design icon

The Progetti armchair is a visually striking piece of furniture, with its regal and elegant forms reminiscent of 19th century aesthetics. Its solemn and charming presence invites you to sit and enjoy its unique comfort. This armchair will become a true haven for design enthusiasts, with a simple and versatile design that makes it suitable for both modern and classic styles. The Progetti armchair offers a comfortable and stimulating seating experience, with high quality materials and meticulous design.

Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli
Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli

Flexibility and elegance

The marriage of beauty and perfection

The Progetti armchair, fruit of the creativity and skill of the Giorgetti Research Group, represents excellence in terms of style and professionalism. The choice of high quality materials and skilful woodworking, combined with the use of state-of-the-art techniques, give the armchair an unparalleled elegance and a fascinating touch of class. This product is a manifesto of the passion for beauty and perfection in every detail.

Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli

The uniqueness of design

Personalise your style with designer home textiles

The choice of fabrics plays a fundamental role in the furnishing of any home, and can make the difference between an anonymous environment and a truly unique and cosy one. The wide range of designer fabrics available in many colours allows you to express your personal taste and create a unique and comfortable atmosphere. From the warm and enveloping tones of synthetic furs to the light and fresh fabrics of floral prints, the choice is vast and suits every style and ambience. Not only that, but the choice of fabrics allows you to personalise every piece of furniture, from cushions to curtains, from armchairs to carpets, allowing you to create a space that is truly your own

Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli

Versatility and elegance

The versatility of the designer armchair

The versatility of the designer chair is one of its strengths. This seat easily adapts to any environment, whether you are furnishing a modern living room or a stylish office. Its elegant shape and the possibility of choosing from a wide range of fabrics and colours make it a very versatile option. In addition, its solid construction and the comfort it offers make it an excellent choice for relaxing or hosting guests in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.


The art of Italian carpentry: excellence and craftsmanship in the creation of high-end products

Craftsmanship and high-end wood design are two essential elements in the creation of high-quality, luxury products

The excellence of Italian carpentry craftsmanship in high-end design is a unique phenomenon worldwide. The centuries-old tradition of working with wood and the passion for creating beautiful and functional objects have resulted in a series of high-quality products that have become true symbols of Italian design. Wood is worked with precision and skill by highly specialised carpenters, who use traditional and modern techniques to create works of art that combine beauty and functionality. The result is a series of high-end products that are recognised for their exceptional quality, style and longevity. Italian carpentry continues to be at the forefront of creating high-end products that represent the true essence of Italian craftsmanship and design

Progetti is a lounge armchair designed by Giorgetti and offered by Peverelli

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