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Armchair Gio is a lounge armchair designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli
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The Gio armchair is built on a solid teak wood frame with an Antique Grey finish. The upholstery is made of high-density polyester fibre while the elegant waterproof fabric provides a highly weather-resistant factor. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 64 x 76 x h. 81) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The contemporary outdoor armchair

This outdoor armchair is presented in a classic style

This modern designer chair offers a pleasant seat to sit on in outdoor spaces. The elegant structure is made from one of the finest woods when it comes to outdoor furniture, teak. This solid wood is hand-finished with a special treatment called 'Antique Grey' that gives it a lived-in look. This outdoor armchair is perfectly weather-resistant thanks to the high-end materials; in fact, the entire upholstered part is covered with a special waterproof polyester material. The fabrics likewise completely resist salt, chlorine and UV rays.

Armchair Gio is a lounge armchair designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli
Armchair Gio is a lounge armchair designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli

The high quality of materials

The design armchair with great resistance

The great strength of this armchair is undoubtedly the excellent efficiency of the upholstery, which guarantees a high level of safety against the weather, thanks to the heat-resistant and waterproof materials.

Armchair Gio is a lounge armchair designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli

Your outdoor spaces

The relaxation armchair for a prestigious outdoor space

Thanks to its contemporary design and attention to detail, the Gio outdoor armchair blends perfectly into any outdoor setting, creating an elegant and refined ambience. Moreover, thanks to its enveloping and comfortable shape, it offers an unparalleled seating experience, providing moments of pure relaxation in the open air.

Armchair Gio is a lounge armchair designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli

Valuable elements

The Teak element inside the armchair

Teck wood is a valuable material both aesthetically and mechanically. Its water-repellent properties make it an excellent insulator, which is why it has often been used by designers. However, Tectona, the plant from which the wood is extracted, is becoming increasingly rare in Africa and Asia, making it increasingly difficult to extract the material. For this reason, Teck wood must be treated with the utmost respect and used sparingly.


The 'Tectona' plant

Tectona wood is a valuable material often used in high-end furniture for its beauty, durability and unique qualities.

The warm, uniform tone of Tectona wood, with pronounced grain, makes it particularly popular for creating luxury furniture and high-end furnishing accessories. Tectona wood is also very resistant to weathering and insect and fungal infestation, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its high content of natural oils makes Tectona wood water-repellent, meaning that it does not absorb moisture and does not warp over time. Due to its rarity and difficulties in extraction, Tectona wood is often used in small quantities to create luxurious accents in a room, such as furniture structures, or to create unique and exclusive elements. The use of this wood in high-end furniture adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment. In addition, Tectona wood is also very versatile and can be processed in different shapes and finishes, such as painted, polished, satinised and brushed. This means that it can be adapted to any furnishing style, from classic to contemporary.

Photos of Tectona wood, a high-quality material commonly used in the production of furniture and buildings

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