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A reading armchair proposed by Peverelli and produced by Knoll

Bertoia Diamond

The Bertoia Diamond armchair by Knoll is an icon of modern design. Featuring a diamond-shaped stainless steel frame, it offers comfort and style in any living or professional space. Available in different finishes, it fits in perfectly with different furnishing styles. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 85 x 75 x h.75 ) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale. Covering fabric cat c.  Read more
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The Diamond chair: versatile for every environment

It combines style and functionality thanks to its durable metal frame and colourful cushion.

The Diamond designer chair is a unique furniture option that combines style and functionality. Its metal frame makes it an ideal choice for any environment, such as living rooms, offices or waiting rooms, thanks to its strength and durability. The chair's clean and linear aesthetics, with modern and essential shapes, fits in perfectly with any type of décor. In addition, the coloured cushion on the seat adds a touch of personality and liveliness to the room, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The Diamond chair is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality furniture option that combines functionality and design.

Bertoia Diamond are modern designer chairs designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli
Bertoia Diamond are modern designer chairs designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Comfort and shapes

Diamond chair by Knoll: functional design and unique diamond-shaped aesthetics

The name of the Diamond chair is inspired by its diamond shape, making it a perfect example of clean, essential design. Consisting of only three distinct elements: base, wire mesh frame and coloured fabric, the Diamond chair is an authentic interpretation of unconventional shapes that fulfil an aesthetically striking function. Thanks to its unique shape, the Diamond chair not only provides a comfortable seat, but also represents a work of art that enriches any environment in which it is placed. With its wire mesh frame and coloured fabric, the Diamond chair is a perfect example of how design can combine functionality and aesthetics in one product.

Bertoia Diamond are modern designer chairs designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Elegant lines

The Diamond chair by Knoll: elegance, comfort and versatility for every context

The Diamond chair represents a timeless design icon, thanks to its clean and essential lines that make it extremely versatile and suitable for any context, from the home to the workplace. Its minimalist elegance blends perfectly with modern environments, but at the same time easily adapts to those with a more traditional style. In addition to its design, the Diamond chair is known for its high level of comfort and quality construction that guarantees durability. Thanks to these factors, the Diamond chair is a smart choice for anyone looking for an elegant, versatile and durable product.

Bertoia Diamond are modern designer chairs designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Craftsmanship experience

The Diamond chair by Knoll: modern and elegant design with wire mesh frame

Knoll's Diamond chair is famous for its wire mesh structure that gives it a modern and elegant design. The structure is made of a weave of metal wires that form a geometric pattern, creating a light and airy seat. The chair base is made of chrome-plated or painted steel. The wire mesh structure of the Diamond chair not only gives the chair a distinctive appearance, but also provides increased breathability and comfort, reducing perspiration and promoting air circulation. In addition, the wire mesh structure of the Diamond chair is strong and durable, ensuring a long service life and easy maintenance.


The artistic genius of Harry Bertoia: the birth of the Diamond chair

The extraordinary career of Harry Bertoia: from the American dream to the creation of the legendary Diamond chair

Harry Bertoia, a naturalised American Italian, embodied the American dream of the self-made man by designing the iconic designer chair, Diamond, in 1951. His success story was shaped by years of sacrifice and hard work, which began when he moved to Detroit in 1930 with his brother. With his brother's help, Harry was able to enter the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Arts Bloomfield Hills, which marked the beginning of an extraordinary artistic and creative career. Harry continued to experiment and innovate, settling in Pennsylvania in 1950 and establishing a partnership with Knoll Associates. His creativity had a significant impact on the world of furniture, introducing new shapes and emphasising the use of metal as an expressive element, transforming steel bars into true works of art. The Diamond chair has become an icon of contemporary design and still today represents the flair and imagination of Harry Bertoia

Bertoia Diamond are modern designer chairs designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

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