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The designer relaxation armchair by Peverelli and produced by B&B Italia
B&B Italia


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The Harbor armchair, with its sophisticated silhouette and premium materials, offers an enveloping and cosy seating experience. This designer armchair comes in two variants: a relaxation armchair with a high backrest and a conversation armchair with a low backrest. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (cm 80 x 89 x h. 104, cm 80 x 83 x h. 85 and cm 61 x h. 40) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Harbor armchair

A work of art with extraordinary comfort: discover the two versions of the Harbor armchair by Naoto Fukasawa

The Harbor armchair, conceived by renowned designer Naoto Fukasawa, is an unparalleled work of art, thanks to its iconic form that evokes the beauty of a sculpture. This elegant and refined design piece is available in two different versions, each with its own unique features.

The first version of the Harbor armchair is designed for relaxation, with a high backrest, headrest and swivel base, making it perfect for moments of complete rest. The second version, on the other hand, features a low backrest and swivel base, offering a more dynamic and versatile feel.

Both versions are characterised by the presence of a visible metal zip on the back of the backrest, which allows for easy removal of the cover for cleaning or fabric replacement. In addition, the Harbor armchair can be customised with high-quality fabrics, such as leather, which lend an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to this unique design element.

In short, the Harbor armchair is an extraordinary design element with unmistakable shapes and a great personality. With its two versions, the Harbor armchair adapts perfectly to any environment, representing a masterpiece of style and functionality, capable of enriching any living space with its iconic presence.

Harbor is a lounge chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa and offered by Peverelli
Harbor is a lounge chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa and offered by Peverelli


The Harbor armchair: the icon of timeless beauty

This unique armchair, with its sinuous shape and fine materials, fits perfectly into modern designs, but is not limited to these spaces. Its sophisticated elegance makes it a perfect option for more traditional settings such as exclusive reception rooms, luxurious waiting rooms, private offices and other representative venues. Indulge in the comfort and beauty of the Harbor armchair

Harbor is a lounge chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa and offered by Peverelli

Maximum comfort

The Harbor armchair headrest: the perfect balance

Designed with polyurethane, this durable and hard-wearing material offers perfect ergonomic support for the head and neck. The wear-resistant polyester fibre and soft-to-the-skin cotton lining guarantee an unrivalled comfort experience. Anodised aluminium and steel in the construction of the counterweight provide stability and safety, for a total relaxation experience. The headrest of the Harbor armchair is the ideal solution to relax your mind and body.

Harbor is a lounge chair designed by Naoto Fukasawa and offered by Peverelli

The value of design

The Harbor design armchair: the added value

With its unique sculptural shape and fine materials, this armchair creates a sophisticated and refined atmosphere that transports one's living space into a world of exceptional comfort. Attention to detail and care in the choice of materials make the Harbor armchair a work of art to be experienced day after day, an oasis of well-being for body and soul.


Naoto Faukasawa

The 'supernormal' concept born in a joint project between the two famous designers in 2006


The term 'supernormal' refers to those objects that acquire a special meaning for us over time. They are not only important for their aesthetics or immediate functionality, but also for the memories and emotions attached to them. These objects become an integral part of our lives and make us feel good when we use or look at them. Their presence gives us a sense of comfort and harmony in our daily lives. Moreover, 'supernormal' objects are often characterised by a simple and elegant design, which makes them unique and long-lasting. They represent a harmony between form and function, combining attractive aesthetics with practical and enduring functionality. In this way, these objects accompany us along our life journey, becoming witnesses to our memories, experiences and emotions.


Photo of Harbor armchair by B&B Italia, a'leading manufacturer of high quality designer furniture.

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