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Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Wassily Chair

Authorised Knoll dealers in Como, Lugano and Milan. These armchair chairs are made on a tubular steel frame in a polished, seamless chrome finish. The designer chair was designed in 1925 by the famous designer, Marcel Breuer, who took the bicycle frame as his source of inspiration. The seat is designed according to different leatherwork and is developed on four points of the frame, thanks to a steel drilling process. In addition, the signature of Marcel Breuer and Knoll can be found printed on the base of the chair. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 79 x 69 x h. 73) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The legend of Wassily chairs: an icon of contemporary design

These armchair chairs are a real treasure in the world of design.

Created at the famous Bauhaus school of art and design, where Marcel Breuer was a student, these chairs bring together the school's passion, creativity and cultural influences. Their lightness, achieved by eliminating excessive upholstery, the dynamism conferred by the shapes and innovative tubular structure inspired by the world of cycling, and the variety and elegance of the colour range, have made these chairs a true icon of contemporary design.

Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli
Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

The explosion of colours

The brightly coloured designer chairs

These chairs with their bright and unique colours are sure to attract the attention of your guests, creating a cosy and memorable atmosphere in the room. Their combination of comfort and style makes these chairs the ideal complement to any décor, whether elegant or more casual.

Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

The versatility of design

The versatility of these designer chairs

These armchairs are able to add a unique and special touch to any room, thanks to their bright colours and attractive shape. They not only provide comfort for your guests, but also enhance any furniture you choose to match them with, creating a harmonious and refined atmosphere. Their versatility makes them perfect for any style, from classic to contemporary

Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

The design corner

Designer chairs to suit every office

These elegant designer chairs are a prestigious addition to any workspace, from sophisticated offices to waiting rooms and meeting rooms. Their elegance and unique style create a lasting impression on your customers, partners and employees, demonstrating your attention to detail and comfort. Moreover, their functionality and convenience support a productive and comfortable working environment.


Marcel Breuer, the Bauhaus, Bologna and Kandinsky

The history of the iconic Wassily chairs: from the Bauhaus school to Knoll

These high-end armchair chairs were designed at the carpentry workshop of the Bauhaus school of art and design located in Dessau, Germany. Marcel Breuer, who soon became the head of the carpentry workshop, was responsible for this revolutionary idea in the 1920s. However, the success of this design chair was not immediate. After several failures, it was the entrepreneur Dino Gavina, originally from Bologna, who collaborated with Breuer and successfully launched the B3 model on the national and international market. The first buyer of this chair was Wassily Kandinsky and, in his honour, the chair was renamed 'Wassily'.

Wassily Chair is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

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