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The Firefly lamp by De Padova, available in our showrooms in Como and Lugano, is a jewel of Italian design that breaks the barriers of static light. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, it offers light where it is needed, in any environment, indoors or outdoors. Its distinctive aesthetic with strips of natural leather woven around moulded glass diffusers evokes a carefree, retro atmosphere. A piece of furniture that combines functionality, style and innovation.  Read more
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The most beautiful Italian design lamp? Discover Firefly

Light without constraints

De Padova's Firefly is a nomadic lamp, emblem of a light that knows no boundaries. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, it can be carried wherever light is needed, indoors or outdoors. Skilfully woven strips of natural leather surround the moulded glass diffusers, creating a contrast that recalls the elegance of Italian design. Reminiscent of the atmosphere of a retro picnic, Firefly is the ideal light for those who want to bring a touch of style to any place. You can find it at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

This is the most beautiful Italian design lamp: Firefly by De Padova
This is the most beautiful Italian design lamp: Firefly by De Padova


Timeless elegance in Como and Lugano

The Firefly lamp draws its inspiration from the natural environment. Its name, 'firefly', refers to the ability of these insects to produce light, an image that is reflected in the portability and freedom of illumination offered by Firefly. This design treasure is available in Como and Lugano.

This is the most beautiful Italian design lamp: Firefly by De Padova


What makes the Firefly lamp unique?

The Firefly is a product that revolutionises the concept of lighting, offering mobility without compromise. With its rechargeable battery, it gives the possibility of having a design light source wherever you need it, without the constraints of cables. An innovation to be discovered in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

This is the most beautiful Italian design lamp: Firefly by De Padova


Beauty is hidden in the details

The Firefly captivates with its retro elegance, refined details and versatility. The natural leather strips interwoven on the moulded glass create a play of textures and light, transforming a simple lamp into a true piece of art. A masterpiece to be admired in Como and Lugano.


What makes the Firefly design lamp so special and different from other lamps?

Functionality and timeless elegance

The secret of De Padova's Firefly lamp lies in its perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. This lamp, in fact, is not only a design object, but a true tool for better living spaces. Its main characteristic is its independence: thanks to its rechargeable battery, it can be moved wherever you need lighting, both inside and outside, thus breaking the shackles of a static and constrained light. But the Firefly is much more than a portable lamp. It is a furnishing element that knows how to stand out, capable of creating unique atmospheres and suggestions. The natural leather strips that wrap around the moulded glass diffusers give it a distinctive and sophisticated character, recalling the carefree atmosphere of a retro picnic.
What's more, the Firefly is a symbol of durability and environmental friendliness. Its rechargeable battery not only ensures a long life span, but also a lower environmental impact than conventional lamps. The Firefly represents a bold and creative alternative to ordinary light, a design object conceived for those who are not satisfied and wish to bring a touch of originality and sophistication to every corner of their lives. Our showrooms in Como and Lugano are waiting for you to discover the uniqueness and magic of the Firefly lamp live.

This is the most beautiful Italian design lamp: Firefly by De Padova
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