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Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli


Flos in Lugano, Como and Milan. This elegant table lamp has a solid base made of fine white Carrara marble, which guarantees stability and refinement. The light reflector, made of high-quality metal, is painted to give it a shiny and durable finish. The light emitted by the lamp spreads directly, precisely illuminating the surrounding area and creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The product in the configuration visible in the image to the left (cm 39.4 x h. 36.9 max) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Snoopy Interior Lamp: Singular Design for Impeccable Lighting

One of the most iconic lamps in the history of design

This particular indoor lamp provides excellent illumination and is easy to handle. What strikes one at first glance is certainly its unique aesthetics. In addition, the shapes without corners make it a furnishing component that can be placed in a variety of environments, and can therefore be positioned in both living and sleeping areas. This table lamp is remembered for its singular structure and for the occasion that inspired the two creators to create it, namely the 50th anniversary of Snoopy, a famous character from the world of comics.

Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli
Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli

Comic book inspiration

The expressive design lamp

Regardless of the context of use, this lamp provides an elegant presence, helping to enhance the style of the room in which it is placed. The excellent quality of the materials it is made of make it an indispensable furnishing component.

Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli

A Snoopy for every situation

Versatile and elegant table lamp

The refined silhouette of this designer lamp makes it a celebrated design element, which can be combined with a variety of contexts and furnishing styles thanks to the various colours available. The end result will be the addition of an always recognisable touch of class.

Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli

Form and function

Design and utility in the same furniture component

In addition to being a celebrated element of design history, the Snoopy table lamp fulfils its function very well. The luminous flux emitted by the reflector can be adjusted, depending on the level of intensity one likes at that precise moment.


Elegant light-heartedness and functional design: the Snoopy lamp

When design meets comic book art: the Castiglioni brothers' Snoopy lamp

The Snoopy table lamp is an iconic work of industrial design created by brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni in 1967. It is named after the famous comic strip character 'Peanuts' by Charles M. Schulz, whose figure of a black and white dog it playfully and faithfully reproduces. What makes the Snoopy lamp a unique and fascinating object is the contrasting colours of its materials. The combination of the pure white of the marble and the intense black of the aluminium gives the lamp an original and captivating appearance, reminiscent of the famous cartoon. Despite its playful and ironic aesthetics, the Snoopy lamp is also a functional and high-quality object, the result of the designers' attention to ergonomics and efficiency. Its profound symbolic meaning and original design continue to inspire the imagination and memory in all who observe it, making it one of the most iconic pieces of 20th century design.

Snoopy floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and proposed by Peverelli
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