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Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli


Servomuto by Flou is a multifunctional chair/hanger, made of steel and available in different finishes, capable of adapting perfectly to any environment. The product in the configuration visible in the image to the left (cm 26 x 35 x h.88, cat 3 fabric) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Servomuto by Flou: a multifaceted chair/clothes stand

A versatile piece of furniture with an attractive design and refined finish

Servomuto by Flou is a chair/hanger that combines functionality and aesthetics in a single product. Made of steel and available in different colours, from white to black, from matt burnished to oxide, this chair is able to integrate perfectly into any furnishing context, whether modern or classic. Servomuto's special feature lies in its dual function: on the one hand, it can be used as a chair, thanks to its ergonomic and comfortable seat; on the other hand, it can be used as a coat rack, thanks to the cantilever structure on which jackets, coats and accessories can be hung. Completed with a padded textile cover, Servomuto is a design object with an essential style and timeless appeal.

Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli
Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli

Functional furniture

Servomuto by Flou: a versatile furnishing object

Servomuto is a chair/coat rack that encompasses multiple functions. Thanks to its steel structure, it can be used as a seat or as a coat rack, depending on requirements. Servomuto represents a modern and functional furnishing idea, capable of satisfying different space and style requirements. The versatility of this product makes it suitable for any environment, from the living room to the bedroom, from the office to the entrance hall. Servomuto is a trendy piece of furniture, able to harmonise perfectly with any type of furnishing.

Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli

An innovative product

Servomuto: the seat/hanger that can be customised

Servomuto by Flou is an innovative product, capable of meeting the needs of those who want a personalised and unique furnishing accessory. Thanks to its padded textile cover, Servomuto can be upholstered with fabrics from the Flou collection, including cottons, linens, velvets and technical fabrics, all of high quality and sophisticated appearance. The possibility of customising the seat/hanger makes it possible to create a unique piece of furniture that satisfies every taste requirement. Servomuto is therefore a product that adapts perfectly to the wishes of its purchasers, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and elegance.

Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli

Contemporary design

Servomuto by Flou: the seat/coat rack that combines beauty and functionality

Servomuto is a piece of furniture with an attractive and modern design, combining beauty and functionality. The steel frame with its clean, essential lines gives this seat/hanger an elegant and refined appearance, which fits perfectly into any furnishing context. Servomuto's special feature, however, lies in its dual function, making it an extremely versatile and practical product. Servomuto is a contemporary design object, capable of enriching the environment in which it is placed, giving it a touch of originality and style.


How can Flou's Servomuto be used creatively?

Ideas and suggestions for making the most of this product's versatility

Flou's Servomuto is an extremely versatile and multifunctional product that lends itself to many creative uses. By using it as a seat/hanger, in fact, original and practical furnishing solutions can be created. For example, Servomuto can be placed in the entrance hall as a support point for coats and bags, or in the bedroom as a beautifully designed furnishing accessory. Furthermore, thanks to the padded textile cover, Servomuto can be customised according to one's taste, creating a unique and inimitable object. Servomuto is therefore a versatile and trendy product, capable of enriching any environment with its elegance and charm.

Servomuto is a design accessory designed by Luigi Lanzi and offered by Peverelli
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