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Table with three unequal sides triangular shape, rounded corners.
B&B Italia


The Seven table by B&B Italia is a unique product that combines design, functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to its structure with three branches, Seven represents an innovative alternative to the traditional table arrangement, capable of adapting to different space requirements. The product in the configuration (satin-finished top, support structure in black painted steel) visible in the picture on the left (cm 234 x cm 157 x h.74) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Seven: the table with an alternative and functional design

Seven seats in an unusual three-branch layout

The Seven table by B&B Italia is an innovative solution for design enthusiasts looking for an original and functional product. With its three-branch structure, the table offers an alternative to the traditional layout, allowing up to seven people to be seated in a 3+2+2 formation. Available in two different finishes, wood and lacquered, Seven is also distinguished by its graphic decoration on the top, contrasting or in chromatic harmony depending on the customer's choice. A unique product that combines design, functionality and aesthetics.

detail of the decoration on the table top created by the support structure

Three-branch layout

Seven: the table that defies convention

The Seven table by B&B Italia is the ideal product for those who are not satisfied with the usual furnishing solutions. Thanks to its three-branch layout, Seven offers an innovative alternative to traditional table arrangements, defying convention and meeting the needs of those seeking unique and original solutions. With Seven, furnishing becomes a creative and stimulating experience, capable of making every room unique.

detail of the decoration on the table top created by the support structure

Flexibility and functionality

Seven: the table that adapts to your needs

The Seven table represents an innovation in furniture design, thanks to its three-branch structure that allows for a flexible seating arrangement. The 3+2+2 arrangement allows the table to be adapted to different space requirements, while ensuring comfort and functionality. Thanks to Seven, the furniture becomes flexible and customisable, able to meet the needs of each individual.

Elegance and refinement

Seven: the table that wins you over with its beauty

The Seven table by B&B Italia is a true jewel of design, able to captivate with its beauty and refinement. The three-branched structure creates a unique graphic decoration on the table top, capable of capturing attention and lending elegance and style to the surrounding environment. Available in two different finishes, wood and lacquer, Seven also stands out for its versatility and its ability to integrate perfectly into any environment.


How does the Seven table adapt to different space requirements?

A flexible solution for every situation

The Seven table by B&B Italia represents an innovative solution to adapt to different space requirements. Thanks to its three-branch layout, the table can seat up to seven people in a 3+2+2 formation. However, the seating arrangement can be customised to suit specific needs. For example, it is possible to create a seating arrangement with two groups of three and one group of one, or with four seats and three seats. In this way, the Seven table fits perfectly into any environment, while guaranteeing both comfort and functionality. The three-branch structure of the Seven table is designed to be flexible and versatile in order to meet the space requirements of each individual. Thanks to its elegant and modern structure, the Seven table lends itself perfectly to design environments, but can also be used in more traditional settings. The choice of finishes, wood or lacquer, allows the table to be further customised, creating a perfect chromatic harmony with its surroundings.


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