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Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli

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Vicino is a swivel design coffee table that harmoniously combines beauty with innovation. Designed by the prestigious architectural firm Foster+Partners, this coffee table is a true masterpiece of design and engineering. The polished pewter base and the different types of marble and wood tops create a feeling of elegance and luxury. The load-bearing steel cylinder also offers unparalleled solidity and stability. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 40 x h. 50 ) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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The Vicino side table: a functional piece of furniture

The modern design of this coffee table makes it suitable for more contemporary environments.

This design table is a true work of art that combines engineering and creativity. Its beating heart consists of a steel cylinder that allows the top to rotate 360 degrees, creating a unique visual and functional experience. Thanks to innovative technology, this coffee table easily adapts to your needs, making it perfect for both an elegant living room at home and a modern work space. Its flexibility and versatility make it an unrivalled tool for everyday needs. This coffee table is a statement of personality and creativity that will make you feel at home and become the centre of conversation in any room.

Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli
Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli

Neutral shades

The timeless elegance of neutral tones

Neutral tones, such as white and black, are classic colours that suit any environment and furnishing style. These shades create a feeling of balance and harmony, making the coffee table a perfect element for any environment. In addition, neutral shades are easy to combine with other colours and fabrics, allowing you to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli

In the name of functionality

The coffee table for bedroom furniture

The designer side table, used as a bedside table, can be an excellent solution for bedroom furniture, as it offers greater flexibility and versatility in terms of size and configuration. Furthermore, it can be harmoniously combined with other furniture elements such as beds, wardrobes and bedside tables, creating a unique ambience.

Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli

Versatility and style

A designer coffee table for the living room

The design coffee table is an essential element of the living room, combining aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to its clean lines and elegant style, the design coffee table fits in perfectly with any type of furniture, becoming the star of the space. In addition, its functionality makes it perfect for placing books, magazines, telephones and other objects, making the living room even more welcoming and functional. With a wide range of materials, colours and shapes available, it is possible to find the perfect designer coffee table for every need and furnishing style.


Sustainable design perfection: the Foster+Partners story

The architectural genius of Foster+Partners: a fusion of aesthetics and sustainability for a better future

Foster+Partners is a renowned architecture and design firm founded in London in 1967. With offices all over the world, their name has become synonymous with excellence in design and architecture. With over 620 awards and accolades, Foster+Partners is an industry leader, winning numerous national and international competitions. But their real value lies in their commitment to a sustainable future. With an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating architects and engineers, Foster+Partners seeks to create sustainable design solutions to shape our future. Their project portfolio is extremely diverse and encompasses a wide range of areas, including urban planning, public infrastructure, airports and cultural and private buildings. Their work with Molteni&C has produced many iconic design products, such as the Arc table and the Vicino coffee table, which demonstrate their creativity and passion.

Vicino is a modern coffee table designed by Norman Foster and offered by Peverelli

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