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Charles is a designer sofa designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli
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Charles is a modular sofa with essential lines, which stands out for its elegance and functionality. Thanks to its simplicity, it is able to create a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy moments of serenity in comfort. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 230 x 97 x h. 73 and cm 327 x 230 x h. 73 ) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Charles, the versatile and timeless designer sofa

From contemporary design to infinite spatial composition possibilities, the perfect solution for timeless furniture

Charles is an extremely versatile and visually striking design sofa that allows you to create infinite compositions, from the linear two- or three-seater version, to the sofa with chaise longue, to the corner solution. Its formal elegance, with its timeless style, transcends fashions, representing a sophisticated and refined choice capable of satisfying any furnishing requirement. Charles' captivating design blends perfectly with any furnishing style, from modern to classic, creating a solution of great elegance and style. Thanks to its extreme versatility, Charles is able to adapt to any space, from large homes to smaller ones, guaranteeing comfort, functionality and aesthetic beauty. The quality of the materials used, such as leather or high quality fabrics, and the attention to detail make this sofa a timeless choice that enhances the environment in which it is placed. Choosing Charles means embracing perfection and attention to detail, creating a refined and unique environment

Charles is a designer sofa designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli
Charles is a designer sofa designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli


Charles: elegance, functionality, details

The Charles sofa is characterised by an elegant and refined structure, accentuated by the essential shape of its die-cast aluminium feet, which take up the particular 'inverted L' shape. This particular design, combined with the essential design of the armrest, is the hallmark of this Italian design sofa

Charles is a designer sofa designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli


Charles: the perfect combination of elegance and comfort

The Charles designer sofa is an ideal option for those seeking a perfect combination of elegance and uncompromising comfort. Its modern and sophisticated aesthetics can enrich any décor, be it contemporary or classic. The wide range of element options available, from the linear two- or three-seater sofa to the sofa with chaise longue, allows the product to be customised to individual needs and create a cosy and comfortable ambience. Each sofa component has been designed with care and attention to detail to ensure unique comfort

Charles is a designer sofa designed by Antonio Citterio and offered by Peverelli

High quality

The upholstery of the Charles sofa

The designer sofa is designed to last a long time and offer maximum comfort. Its internal structure is made of Bayfit® polyurethane foam and polyester fibre, while the seat cushions are filled with a combination of moulded polyurethane and sterilised down or polyester fibre. In addition, each seat cushion is lined with additional polyester fibre to ensure an even more comfortable seating experience. In summary, the sofa is a high-quality, durable and comfortable product.


Polyurethane: the versatile synthetic material that has revolutionised our daily lives

From shoe soles to designer sofas: the countless applications of an innovative material

Polyurethane is a versatile and essential synthetic material in our daily lives. It was discovered by Otto Bayer in 1937 in the Bayer laboratories in Germany. Initially designed as a new type of polymer, it was first used during World War II as a replacement for rubber, which was difficult to obtain and expensive at the time. During the conflict, polyurethane was also experimented with in other areas, such as for garment coatings and aircraft trim. Polyurethane is known for its elasticity and strength, which give it a remarkable ability not to deform under stress. This material is used in many everyday objects, such as shoe soles, car tyres, motorbike saddles, mattresses, watch straps, upholstery and sportswear. In addition, polyurethane foam is also used in furniture for its strength, hypoallergenicity, durability and ability not to deform. Sofas, armchairs, puffs, mattresses and other home and office furniture are often upholstered with this material, which lends a modern and attractive design.
The polyurethane industry is a source of employment for 360,000 people in Europe alone, demonstrating the importance and impact of this material in our daily lives

This photo shows polyurethane, a material used in modern contemporary furniture

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