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This photo shows the new Ratio kitchen from Molteniec

The New Ratio Kitchen by Molteni&C

Official Molteni&C Reseller

And here is the sublime combination of refined aesthetics and innovative functionality of the Ratio kitchen by Molteni&C. Bringing a touch of sophistication to any residence, Ratio disrupts the traditional approach to kitchen design, combining timeless elegance with modern innovation. With Peverelli, you are one step closer to the design of your dreams, giving you the opportunity to experience the perfection of Italian design in your kitchen with Ratio. Our experience and passion for excellence combine with Molteni&C's craftsmanship and innovation to create a kitchen that is truly a masterpiece of design.

A true experience of design and style

Peverelli is proud to present the new Ratio kitchen by Molteni&C, an unprecedented expression of Italian design elegance. With our platform, we unveil a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, between craftsmanship and the courage of the avant-garde. This new kitchen is a true revolution in the world of design.

We are not just Molteni&C dealers. We consider ourselves ambassadors of design, guides along a path that explores the future of kitchen furniture. The new Ratio kitchen is not just a product, but an experience, a dialogue between form and function, between beauty and practicality.

At Peverelli, our products are a guarantee of heritage and reputation. By choosing Peverelli for your new Ratio kitchen from Molteni&C, you are choosing a heritage of excellence, an irrevocable commitment to quality, design and service.

This photo shows the new Ratio kitchen from Molteniec

Ratio: innovation meets beauty

Ratio by Molteni&C is much more than a kitchen, it is a symbol of the evolution of design. It is an environment designed to be lived in, a place where beauty and efficiency come together in perfect harmony. Choose Ratio, choose innovation and beauty.

We believe that every home deserves the best. That is why, with Ratio, we offer the very best in Italian design. Explore Molteni&C's new Ratio kitchen with Peverelli and discover how we can help you create the space you've always dreamed of. Join us on this exciting adventure into the world of design.


This photo shows the new Ratio kitchen from Molteniec

The future of design is already here with Ratio

The new Ratio kitchen is not just a kitchen, but a voyage of discovery in design. Every detail, every line, every choice of materials has been carefully designed to create a kitchen that is not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and intuitive. Ratio represents the cutting edge of design, combining craftsmanship and innovation in a timeless union.

But Ratio is not only a masterpiece of design, it is also an example of advanced functionality. With its clean lines, high-quality materials and innovative solutions, Ratio is designed to be used every day, to enhance your daily life and turn every moment in the kitchen into an experience of pure pleasure.

We believe that your home deserves only the best. That's why we strive to offer products that are not only beautiful, but also embody the excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship. With the new Ratio kitchen by Molteni&C, you are choosing a piece of art that reflects the values of tradition, quality and innovation that Peverelli and Molteni&C proudly bear.

This photo shows the new Ratio kitchen from Molteniec

Modularity and Customisation

The Ratio collection stands out for its extraordinary modularity and customisation. Thanks to a modular system, each element can be arranged and organised according to your specific needs and tastes, transforming the kitchen into a unique place that reflects your style and way of life. Each element is designed to combine functionality and beauty: the high-quality materials, high-quality finishes and innovative design solutions guarantee an unparalleled culinary experience.

But Ratio is not just a synonym for refined aesthetics and customisation: every Molteni&C kitchen is built to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. The careful choice of materials, attention to detail and commitment to environmental protection are the foundations on which every Molteni&C project is based. With Ratio, you get a kitchen that not only looks good, but also contributes to a more sustainable future.