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A picture showing a villa in Greece furnished by Peverelli

Executive realisation and project management

End-to-end project generation

Peverelli generates an integrated system of services to create luxury furnished environments with attention to every detail

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Craftsmanship excellence and innovative technologies: Genesi transforms dreams into high-end environments

The Genesi method combines the craftsmanship acquired over a century of activity with a strict code of work, to achieve high-end furniture and decorative-structural renovations of the highest quality.
We work with passion and dedication, using the most innovative management technologies, to create an unforgettable experience, where every detail is taken care of to transform dreams into reality. Our mission is to create environments that excite, that encapsulate the quality of Made in Italy, to provide a unique and inimitable living experience and to give our customers the beauty they truly deserve.

Genesis is an end-to-end system, generating synergies to offer an integrated service

Genesi works synergistically with selected partners to provide excellent products and services to its customers. This collaboration guarantees efficiency, product quality and customised solutions. The supplier network ensures high quality raw materials and fast project execution



This photo shows how the Genesis service offered by Peverelli works

Turning vision into reality: the elements of the Genesis system

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project


An end-to-end service

Genesi stands out for its ability to transform clients' vision into reality by offering end-to-end project management services. These services cover all project phases, from conception to final realisation, ensuring that every detail is taken care of with precision and that the client's vision is respected at every stage of the project. A passion for innovation and attention to detail make Genesi a unique experience

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project


The choice of materials

The Genesi service is distinguished by the uniqueness of its materials of Italian excellence, carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality and prestige. Materials such as wood, marble and hand-blown glass are just some of the elements to create an experience of luxury and refinement. Thanks to the careful selection of materials, the Genesi service represents the best of Italian craftsmanship, while enhancing elegance and style down to the smallest detail

A picture showing an operational phase of Peverelli's design service


Technical and creative excellence 

Genesi is an exclusive service, where the excellent technical expertise and creative flair of the Genesi team combine with the most prestigious practices handed down by Peverelli over almost 100 years of experience. By adopting a 'lean' and 'agile' method, the Genesi team is able to transform ideas into reality, offering an optimal management service for the most valuable resources. In addition, our service is taken to the next level, offering a design and implementation experience of the highest quality, with attention to detail.

End-to-end projects: the main application contexts

Luxury villas

Exclusive properties

Castles, Estates, Farmhouses

Ancient dwellings

Penthouses, Luxury flats

Penthouse, Mansion

End-to-end project portfolio

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Styles, trends, emotional impact solutions: be inspired by beauty

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