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Privacy policy

Peverelli Arredamenti S.r.l. (hereafter, "Peverelli Arredamenti) provides users of the Peverelli Arredamenti website (hereinafter, the 'Site', which can be visited at the following information, in accordance with Article 13 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (or General Data Protection Regulationin the following "G.D.P.R") and subsequent national adaptation legislation (hereinafter referred to, together with the G.D.P.R., as "Applicable Privacy Policy"). During consultation of the Site, information relating to users is collected, which constitutes personal data within the meaning of the Applicable Privacy Law.

This information is provided exclusively for the above-mentioned Site, and not for other sites that can be reached via links on the same.

Data controller

The data controller is Peverelli Arredamenti S.r.l., with registered office in Via Clerici, 9 - 22070 - Bulgarograsso (CO) (e-mail:; tel: +39 031930129).

Types of data processed

The data that are processed by Peverelli Arredamenti when the user uses the Website are specified below.
The user assumes responsibility for any personal data of third parties inserted or published on the Site, and guarantees that he/she has the right to communicate or disseminate them - thus freeing Peverelli Arredamenti from any responsibility towards the aforementioned third parties.

Personal data automatically acquired when visiting the Site

  • Navigation data. Peverelli Arredamenti automatically collects data on the device (PC, tablet, mobile phone or other mobile device) and connection used by the user, including, for example, IP address, date and time of access, hardware and software information, information on events concerning the device, unique identifiers, crash data.
  • Data on the use of the Site. Peverelli Arredamenti collects information on how the user has used the Site, including, for example, the pages of the Site or other content viewed, searches made, third-party applications (Google Maps, in the 'Showroom' of the Site) on the Site that are used by the user and links to other sites and applications that the user has clicked on.

Personal data provided directly by the user

a) Data required for creating an account
  • Data provided for the creation of an account. If the user, through the icon or during checkout, decides to register to the site, Peverelli Arredamenti collects the e-mail address.

This information is necessary to allow the user to create an account with Peverelli Arredamenti. If the user does not wish to provide this information, he/she will not be able to create his/her reserved area.

b) Optional data
  • Data provided for the activation of the newsletter service. If the user decides to activate the newsletter service offered by Peverelli Arredamenti - through the 'The design newsletter: ideas, products, furniture' present in each section of the Site - Peverelli Arredamenti collects the e-mail address entered.
  • Data provided by e-mail enquiries. If the user, in order to request information, explicitly and voluntarily sends electronic mail to the Peverelli Arredamenti addresses indicated on the Site, or uses the forms available under 'Let's start a project together' in the section 'Design Service', 'Activate the Peverelli consultancy, it only takes a few elements to get to know us' in the section 'Genesis', "Contact" in the section "Contact" Peverelli Arredamenti acquires the e-mail address and any personal data of the user (and/or of third parties) included in the text of the electronic communication, as well as:
    • for the form 'Let's start a project together' name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, any personal data of the user (and/or third parties) entered in the text your thoughts count and any personal data of the user (and/or third parties) entered in the attachment;
    • for the form 'Activate the Peverelli consultancy, it only takes a few elements to get to know us' the name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and any personal data of the user (and/or third parties) included in the text of the request;
    • for the form "Contact" the name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and any personal data of the user (and/or third parties) included in the message text.

Purpose of processing

Contribute to the functioning of the Site; provide the user with the services that Peverelli Arredamenti provides through the Site; protect the user's vital interests; comply with the regulations in force or pursue other public interest requirements

User data are in fact processed:

  • to operate, measure, improve and maintain the Site and the services rendered through it;
  • to prevent, detect and mitigate security breaches and potentially prohibited or illegal activities.

Pursue the legitimate interests of Peverelli Arredamenti in such a way that these interests do not prevail over the user's fundamental rights and freedoms

User data are in fact processed:

  • to identify and solve problems you encounter when using the Site (e.g. blocked or non-functioning pages).

These treatments protect Peverelli Arredamenti's interest in keeping the Site functional and efficient. Moreover, they do not violate the user's fundamental rights and freedoms, as they are foreseeable and widespread treatments in any site that allows the creation of accounts. Moreover, such processing also benefits the user himself, allowing the Site to continue functioning.

Social button

The Site uses several links, which allow users to visit the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Peverelli Arredamenti (see footer of the Site). These links - which appear as icons of the relevant social networks - do not involve the installation of third-party cookies.

Treatment modes

The user's personal data are processed by computer or telematic means, exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected (see above), and stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the criteria set out in this privacy policy (see below).
Personal data may be known and processed by the staff of Peverelli Arredamenti, duly instructed on the precautions to be taken as provided for by the Applicable Privacy Regulations.

Duration of treatment

The specific retention times of the user's personal data are documented in the register of processing activities of Peverelli Arredamenti (implemented pursuant to Article 30 of the G.D.P.R.).
The user's personal data are stored (according to the criteria set out in recital 39 and art. 5, paragraph 1, letter e) of the G.D.P.R.) for a period necessary to ensure that the Site works, and that Peverelli Arredamenti provides users with the services provided through the Site. This period, in any case, cannot exceed 10 years from collection.
The user's personal data may be stored for longer periods than those just seen only in the event that this is necessary for Peverelli Arredamenti to fulfil its legal obligations or to protect a right in court.
Upon expiry of these retention periods, the user's data is either deleted or permanently anonymised.

Data Communication

Peverelli Arredamenti may communicate the personal data processed to the subjects and only for the purposes indicated below.

Combating unlawful acts and security breaches

  • Peverelli Arredamenti may communicate users' personal data to third parties who are in charge of preventing, detecting and mitigating potentially unlawful acts and security breaches.

Law Enforcement, Judicial Proceedings and Modalities Authorised by Law

  • Peverelli Arredamenti could communicate users' personal data to Judicial Authorities, Public Authorities or authorised third parties, in cases where the law provides for it. As well as, in general, in cases when it is necessary to fulfil legal obligations or verified requests concerning a criminal investigation or an alleged illegal activity, or to answer to other people's claims about rights, property or safety of Peverelli Arredamenti, its employees or users.

Rights of data subjects

In the sole cases and with all the limits provided for in arts. 15-22 G.D.P.R., the user shall be entitled - at any time, free of charge and without special charges and formalities - to

  • obtain confirmation that Peverelli Arredamenti processes your personal data;
  • access to your personal data, and to know their origin, the purposes and purposes of processing, the storage period and information concerning third parties to whom the personal data are disclosed;
  • revoke his consent at any time if this constitutes the basis for the processing;
  • update or rectify your personal data collected by Peverelli Arredamenti, so that they are always exact and accurate;
  • exercise the so-called right to be forgotten, i.e. to have your personal data collected by Peverelli Arredamenti deleted from Peverelli Arredamenti's databases and/or archives, including backup archives;
  • limit the processing of your personal data by Peverelli Arredamenti;
  • oppose processing, for those personal data processed to pursue public interest requirements or legitimate interests of Peverelli Arredamenti;
  • to be notified, in due time, of any rectification, cancellation or limitation of the processing ordered by Peverelli Arredamenti, as well as of any revocation of such measures and the reasons for such revocation.

The user may exercise these rights through a written request addressed without formalities to Peverelli Arredamenti, by sending an e-mail to the address
Once the above-mentioned e-mail has been received, Peverelli Arredamenti will satisfy the request within one month from its receipt. This term may be extended by two months - after notice to the user - taking into account the complexity and number of requests.
Peverelli Arredamenti reminds the user that, should the response to his or her requests not be satisfactory, he or she may address and lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority ( in the manner provided for in the applicable Privacy Policy.

Changes to the privacy policy

Peverelli Arredamenti reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time, giving notice to users on this page of the Website.
Therefore, we kindly ask the user to consult this page often, taking as reference the date of last modification indicated at the bottom. Unless otherwise specified, in the event of a change, the previous privacy policy will continue to apply to personal data collected up to that time.


Last updated: November 2022


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