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This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design

Molteni&C Flagship Store 

Lake Como

The Excellence of Contemporary Design: Flagship Store Molteni&C with Peverelli Design

The Molteni&C Flagship Store emerges as a landmark in the contemporary design scene.
The collaboration between Molteni&C and Peverelli Design expresses the creation of a new language in contemporary design, deeply rooted in the cultural and aesthetic terroir of Lake Como.

A synergy that has resulted in a space that is much more than a shop: it is an immersive experience in high-end design. Here, Molteni&C's latest collections are displayed in a setting that captures the essence of Italian beauty, alongside iconic creations by world-famous designers such as Gio Ponti, Rodolfo Dordoni, Foster+Partners, Ron Gilad, Francesco Meda, Dante Bonuccelli and Nicola Gallizia. In this setting, each design element not only tells a story, but becomes part of a broader dialogue between tradition and innovation, between the art of Italian craftsmanship and global design trends. 

Harmony in Living: Augusto Sofa and Cinnamon Armchair

In the heart of the Molteni&C Flagship Store, two masterpieces of contemporary design shine: the Augusto sofa and the Cinnamon armchair. These creations are true expressions of elegance and comfort.

The Augusto sofa, designed by the renowned Vincent Van Duysen, stands out for its unique style. With an elegant painted aluminium base and a non-modular design, it offers supreme comfort. Its depth, combined with the soft cushions, invites moments of pure relaxation, while the contrasting profile adds refined visual interest.

The Cinnamon armchair by designer Naoto Fukasawa is an oasis of comfort. With its curved and cosy shape, it fits into any environment, from the living area to the office, promising relaxation at any time of day.

Augusto and Cinnamon represent Molteni&C design: a perfect fusion of beauty, comfort and functionality, transforming every space into a stylish experience.

This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design

Vincent Van Duysen's Ratio Kitchen: a eulogy to minimalism

The Ratio kitchen, created by designer Vincent Van Duysen, is an expression of elegant minimalism. This space is distinguished by its clean lines and the use of high-quality materials, which combine to create an atmosphere of refined simplicity. Ratio represents the ideal of functional beauty, demonstrating how design can transform everyday spaces into works of art.

This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design

Intersection: Innovation and Tradition in the Molteni&C Kitchen

Inspired by the fascination of objects formed from a single material, van Duysen chose to use natural stone to create this kitchen. The result is a unique piece that combines sculpture and architecture in a single design element. Natural stone, with its intrinsic beauty and solidity, gives the Intersection kitchen an imposing and artistic presence, making it more than just a space for cooking: it is a true functional work of art, embodying van Duysen's vision of simple, yet deeply evocative design.




This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design

System 505 and Cleo Sofa: Synonyms of Elegance and Innovation

Molteni&C's 505 system, a state-of-the-art solution for modern furniture, is a masterpiece of versatility and intelligent design. This modular system elegantly adapts to any environment, allowing for unprecedented customisation. Whether it is a large living room or a more intimate space, the 505 system knows how to optimise the available area, merging aesthetics and practicality into a single concept. The elegance of its finishes, the variety of materials used, and the attention to detail make it a preferred choice for those seeking furniture that is both functional and trendy.

This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design
505 Up Sideboard

Next to the 505 system, the Cleo sofa stands out as a symbol of comfort and style. With its soft, cosy lines, this sofa offers a haven of relaxation and luxury. Its aesthetics, which combine modernity and classicism, make it perfect for any type of interior, from traditional to contemporary. The Cleo sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but a statement of style and comfort, embodying Molteni&C's philosophy of creating furniture that enriches everyday living spaces with a touch of timeless class.

This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design
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This photo shows the Molteni&C Flagship Store with Peverelli Design



Come and discover our collection of Italian design furniture in our showroom in Como. We offer a personalised consultancy service to help you choose the furniture and furnishings that best suit your needs.

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Flagship store 

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