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Alys is a bed characterised by a headboard with a unique and elegant design, which guarantees maximum comfort while resting. The product in the configuration (leather upholstery) visible in the picture on the left (cm 187 x cm 212 x h.99, mattress excluded) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Alys: the headboard with cosy shapes

An analysis of the technical product description

The headboard of the Alys bed is characterised by a cosy and protective shape that lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room. Made from a sheet of leather 'pinched' in two places at the base, the headboard assumes a natural inclination that guarantees maximum comfort during sleep. The perimeter strips are particularly reduced in thickness, creating an aesthetic harmony with the stitching that runs along them.


The curious inspiration of Alys

The headboard of the Alys bed draws inspiration from the sinuous shapes of nature, in particular the waves of the sea. In fact, the characteristic V-shaped fold at the bottom of the headboard recalls the movements of water. This design element is intended to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, like the one you might experience on the beach at sunset.

The height of the floor

Alys: a bed that adapts to your needs

Alys is a bed that offers the possibility of adjusting the height of the bed platform thanks to two sets of included feet. This innovation allows you to customise your bed according to your needs, creating a unique and comfortable sleeping experience. The versatility of ALYS makes it suitable for any living context.

Elegant design

Alys: the beauty of comfort

Alys is a product with a unique and elegant design, combining beauty with functionality. The bed headboard has been created to offer maximum comfort while resting, enveloping the body in a protective embrace. The attention to detail and the choice of materials make ALYS a high quality product, which fits perfectly into any type of environment.


Why choose Alys as your new bed?

Discover all the features that make Alys a unique product

Alys is a bed with a cosy and protective shape, combining design and functionality. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height of the bed top, Alys adapts to your needs, creating a unique and personalised sleeping experience. The choice of high quality materials and the attention to detail make Alys a product with an elegant and refined style, suitable for any type of furnishing.


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