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Pablo is a living room armchair produced by B&B Italia and designed by Vincent Van Duysen proposed by Peverelli
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Starting from  12.200
The Pablo armchair is light and elegant in form; the use of fine wood and high-quality fabrics make it absolutely irresistible. The innovative design, the great strength of this armchair, is evident from the first impact, thanks to its unconventional structure. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 76.5 x 76 x h. 75.5) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Pablo: an iconic design armchair

This designer armchair is an innovative fusion of comfort and high-end design.


The Pablo armchair combines elegance and functionality in a design work of art. Its eye-catching shape, with a slightly inclined seat and a solid wood frame with a natural finish, offers aesthetic and structural solutions of great impact. Despite its apparent simplicity, Pablo is characterised by perfectly balanced proportions, an interplay of straight and curved lines, and attention to detail. Comfortable and refined, the Pablo armchair is ideal for enriching the living room with a unique and unmistakable style.

Pablo is a living room armchair produced by B&B Italia and designed by Vincent Van Duysen proposed by Peverelli
Pablo is a living room armchair produced by B&B Italia and designed by Vincent Van Duysen proposed by Peverelli

The simplicity of traits

The Pablo armchair: a perfect combination of design and relaxation

The Pablo armchair is characterised by its unique shape, resulting in a sophisticated yet comfortable design. Its suspended, floating seat, appropriately upholstered, guarantees a high level of comfort. The handcrafted frame is made of high-quality solid wood and carefully finished to the smallest detail, while the well-calibrated proportions, the combination of straight and round lines, and the careful details contribute to the unique and refined aesthetics of the Pablo armchair.

Pablo is a living room armchair produced by B&B Italia and designed by Vincent Van Duysen proposed by Peverelli

Modern Icons

The Pablo armchair: design, comfort and customisation

The Pablo armchair is characterised by a solid wood frame carefully designed to guarantee a feeling of comfort and stability. Available in different finishes, the armchair features a seat covered with a double leather cover that encloses a light but cosy padding, offering a high level of comfort. The modern design of the armchair makes it perfect for furnishing any environment with style and personality. The possibility of customising the armchair by choosing from a wide range of colours, covers and finishes allows you to create the perfect armchair for your prestigious residence, reflecting your own tastes and needs.

Pablo is a living room armchair produced by B&B Italia and designed by Vincent Van Duysen proposed by Peverelli

Iconic armchairs

The Pablo chair: ergonomic design

The Pablo chair by B&B Italia is designed with an ergonomic shape that guarantees a comfortable and healthy seat for the back. The slightly inclined backrest and seat and the curvature of the backrest perfectly follow the shape of the human body, offering adequate support to the spinal column and allowing for correct posture while sitting. Thanks to this attention to detail, the Pablo chair is not only an elegant and sophisticated design element, but also a healthy solution for people who spend many hours sitting.


Leather in high-end furniture

Leather is a valuable material for high-end furniture.

Leather is an extraordinary material, loved by design enthusiasts all over the world. Thanks to its versatility, durability and beauty, leather is the ideal choice for creating design elements that will last. This material is resistant to wear and abrasion, and its unique properties lend an appearance of elegance to any product. Furthermore, leather can be used in a variety of applications, from furniture making to clothing, shoes and accessories. To work with leather, it is crucial to use the right tools and techniques to get the most out of this extraordinary material. The choice of leather type is equally important, with full-grain leather considered the best in terms of quality and durability. With the right finishing techniques, leather can be transformed into a unique and durable product. In summary, leather is an ideal choice for creating high-quality products with timeless style, thanks to its beauty and durability.


A young apprentice in a shoe workshop preparing leather for further use on a large table.

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