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Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli


Starting from  5.600
Knoll dealers in Como, Lugano and Milan. The design armchairs are characterised by a steel frame and polished chrome, giving them a modern and refined look. The quality of the materials used for the upholstery is excellent, guaranteeing a comfortable and long-lasting seating experience. Thanks to the attention to detail in their construction, these armchairs are able to create an atmosphere of refinement in any environment. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 81 x 82 x h.80) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Florence: the style icon in the world of contemporary design.

Timeless elegance and comfort, available in 16 high-quality covers

Florence armchairs are a style icon in the world of contemporary design, thanks to their beauty and elegant lines. The high quality polyester, fibre and rubber upholstery ensures a high level of comfort and prevents the armchair from deforming, guaranteeing a comfortable and long-lasting seat. Their geometric and rational shape has made them famous worldwide, becoming a symbol of elegance and refinement. Florence armchairs are available in 16 high-quality covers, including a wide range of bright colours, to adapt to the different aesthetic requirements of home and work environments. Thanks to their versatility and the quality of the materials used, these armchairs represent a long-lasting and valuable investment.





Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli
Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

The perfection of detail

The Florence armchair: a design icon

The Florence armchair is a unique and original design element, enriched by the handcrafted engraving of the signature of the famous Florence Knoll and her studio. This attention to detail demonstrates the care and love for the art of design that Knoll and her studio have expressed in every element of this armchair. Indeed, engraving is a symbol of quality and refinement, which characterises the products made by the famous studio. Every element of the Florence armchair is cared for down to the last detail, from the frame to the upholstery, to offer a unique design product. Thanks to this attention to detail, the Florence armchair has become a style icon in the world of design, appreciated and sought after all over the world.

Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Process change

Clean Air Gold' certification

The designer armchair has been produced according to the highest standards of sustainability, obtaining the prestigious 'Clean Air Gold' certification thanks to the reduced emission of volatile organic compounds in its production processes. This certification guarantees that the armchair has been manufactured with sustainable materials with a low environmental impact, meeting international standards on environmental and health protection. Thanks to this focus on eco-sustainability, the designer armchair is an excellent choice for those who wish to combine elegant design with environmental sustainability.

Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

Elegance, comfort, versatility

The designer armchair that combines elegance and comfort

The designer relaxation armchair is a versatile object that fits perfectly into any type of environment, be it a private residence or a work space. Thanks to its refined line and the comfort it offers, it is a valuable addition to any type of furnishing, lending a touch of elegance that will not go unnoticed. Its sinuous and cosy shape is perfect for those who wish to relax after a long day's work or simply to spend time in the company of a good book.


Florence Knoll, a story of courage and ambition

The story of the famous designer and the fame of her designer armchairs

The story of Florence Schust Knoll Bassett is a tale of perseverance and dedication that excites and inspires. Born into a wealthy family, Florence had to cope with the tragic loss of her parents, but this never dented her determination and passion for architecture and design. Thanks to her tenacity and talent, Florence became one of the most important figures in the world of design, studying with the great masters of the Modern Movement and travelling around Europe to absorb the influences of the Nordic style and Bauhaus. But Florence's life was not without hardship and pain. World War II forced her to leave Europe and return to the United States, where she met her future husband, a young and ambitious German immigrant, Hans Knoll, eager to develop his small business in the United States. Together they founded a high-end furniture company that would become a design giant, but unfortunately fate snatched Hans away from Florence in a tragic and unexpected way. Despite the loss of her husband, Florence continued to lead the company successfully, taking it to the pinnacle of international success. Her determination, passion for her work and dedication to creating iconic and functional design objects became an inspiration to all those who had the pleasure of meeting or working with her.
Today, Florence is remembered as one of the most important figures in modern design, but also as an example of courage and perseverance. Her story teaches us not to give up in the face of difficulties and to always pursue our dreams with determination and passion.

Florence is a lounge chair designed by Knoll and offered by Peverelli

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