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Poltrona Frau

Aurora two

The Aurora Due bed is a handcrafted work of art, characterised by high quality materials, innovative functionality and an elegant, customisable style. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 190 x 221 x h.111) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale. Mattress excluded. Leather covering, category sc.  Read more
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Crafted elegance meets functionality: the Aurora Due bed

The comfort of sleep and the beauty of craftsmanship come together in a unique piece of furniture

The Aurora Due bed represents a handcrafted work of art made from precious materials such as solid beech wood and refined Pelle Frau® leather, used to cover the upholstered headboard. Its elegant and functional base is equipped with an innovative gas spring system that allows access to the storage compartment via a front footboard. The structure is composed of fir boards and a multilayer poplar footboard, finished with leather edging on the front sides. The back feet, made in the headboard, add further stability and style to the furniture, while the scratch-resistant black finish of the front plinth gives it an elegant and durable look. The metal base can be customised with two different finishes: gunmetal or chrome. The lifting mechanism, available in either single or double, is equipped with a safety device that allows the resting surface to be raised to an inclined or horizontal position, thus facilitating bed positioning and guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Aurora due is a lounge chair designed by Tito Agnoli and offered by Peverelli
Aurora due is a lounge chair designed by Tito Agnoli and offered by Peverelli

High-quality materials

The craftsmanship of the Aurora Due bed

The Aurora Due bed was made with great care in the choice of materials, using only high-quality woods such as solid beech, fir and poplar plywood, known for their strength and durability. The high-quality Pelle Frau® leather used for the upholstered headboard lends refinement and comfort. The skilful combination of these high-quality materials makes the Aurora Due bed a handcrafted work of art, timeless in design and designed to last a long time, guaranteeing maximum comfort while sleeping. The meticulous choice of materials demonstrates the commitment to quality and precision craftsmanship.

Aurora due is a lounge chair designed by Tito Agnoli and offered by Peverelli

An innovative system

The cutting-edge functionality of the Aurora Due bed

The Aurora Due bed is characterised by innovative functionality thanks to the ingenious gas spring system, which allows access to the storage compartment through the front footboard, making the bed extremely practical and intuitive to use. The lifting mechanism, which can be chosen in two different options, single or double, allows the bed to be raised at an angle or horizontally, making it a quick and easy operation. This feature, together with the easy access to the storage compartment, makes the Aurora Due bed the perfect choice for those looking for a practical and functional piece of furniture, without compromising on refined aesthetics and high quality craftsmanship.

Customisable finishes

Aurora Due - The furniture for your elegant bedroom

The Aurora Due bed is a fine piece of furniture, characterised by an elegant and customisable aesthetic. Its scratch-resistant black finish on the front base and the possibility of customising the metal base with a gunmetal or chrome finish make this bed unique and distinctive. In addition, the leather edging on the front sides and the rear feet carved from the headboard add a further touch of style and refinement to the furniture. The attention to detail and the possibility of customising the materials make the Aurora Due bed an ideal choice for those seeking sophisticated and personalised furnishings for their bedroom.


Titus Agnoli

Tito Agnoli's minimalist and functional design: the Aurora Due bed as an example of excellence

Tito Agnoli was a famous Italian designer, known for his minimalist and functional style. Among his most famous creations is the Aurora Due bed, made for the Italian company Poltrona Frau. Agnoli designed the Aurora Due bed with the utmost attention to detail, choosing high quality materials and innovating with functional solutions such as the storage compartment accessible through the front footboard and the mechanism for raising the sleeping surface. Thanks to his ability to combine aesthetics and functionality, Tito Agnoli is considered a fundamental figure on the Italian and international design scene. The Aurora Due bed is a handcrafted work of art bearing his signature and continues to be a popular choice for those seeking sophisticated and functional furniture for their bedroom.

Aurora due is a lounge chair designed by Tito Agnoli and offered by Peverelli

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