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This is the Half a Square design table

Half a Square

The Half a Square designer table is a perfect example of how a simple form can evolve into something sophisticated and fascinating. From the minimalist design by Michael Anastassiades to the choice of rich finishes, every detail is taken care of to offer not just a table, but a unique experience. Available in our Como and Lugano showrooms.  Read more
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Half a Square: beyond minimalist design?

Where technique and beauty meet

The Half a Square, fruit of the creative genius of Michael Anastassiades, combines minimalism and functionality in a perfect dance. The rectangular and square shapes embody modern aesthetics, while the rich finishes reveal fine craftsmanship. Warm thermo oak, enhanced by its natural grain, caresses cool pewter, defining a unique balance. With a matt white glass finish, this table elevates simplicity to an art form.

This is the Half a Square design table
This is the Half a Square design table


Who is Michael Anastassiades, the creator of Half a Square?

Born in Cyprus but adopted by London, Michael Anastassiades masterfully combines multicultural influences in his design. Half a Square is the expression of this journey, the synthesis of a refined and minimalist approach that has conquered the world.

This is the Half a Square design table


What makes Half a Square unique?

The innovation of Half a Square lies in its distinctive finish: matt white glass. This feature elevates the essential geometry of the design, transforming a simple table into a piece of art.

This is the Half a Square design table


Why is Half a Square a design must-have?

Half a Square, with its clean lines and selection of quality materials, is a masterpiece of design. The beauty of the product lies in its apparent simplicity, a perfect balance of form and function.


"Why should Half a Square be your next purchase?

Table or work of art?

Choosing a table should not just be a question of utility. It should be a statement of style, an expression of one's personality. Half a Square is not just a table. It is a symbol of refinement and taste. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of design, to participate in a journey that goes beyond function. Whether it is a quiet Sunday lunch or a formal meeting, Half a Square is always the star, capable of adding a touch of elegance to any occasion. Come and discover it in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

This is the Half a Square design table
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