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The fashionable designer double bed in 2023


The Koi bed masterfully blends Western sophistication and Eastern philosophy in its design, offering a sublime combination of discreet luxury and faithful love. Its clean lines, vertically quilted fabric and metal details create a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. With a range of base and upholstery options, the Koi bed can be customised to meet your needs for space and comfort. Find it in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.  Read more
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The designer double bed of 2023: Koi by Flou

Western refinement and Eastern philosophy united in design

The Koi double bed embodies the sublime intersection of discreet luxury and faithful love. It flaunts clean lines that symbolise unostentatious luxury. The headboard, embellished with a metal frame that extends to form the feet, takes on a rigorous form that is softened by a vertically quilted fabric. This aesthetic detail refines the overall appearance, giving the bed a cosy and sophisticated feel. Available in different versions: double, with fixed base, storage, with electric movement and Leonardo base. The choice of fabric or leather upholstery is fully removable. Headboard details available in polished black nickel or matt burnished. Visit our Showrooms in Como and Lugano to appreciate the craftsmanship of this creation.

The fashionable designer double bed in 2023
The fashionable designer double bed in 2023


The meaning of the name of this design bed

The Koi bed takes its name from Japanese, where 'Koi' means fidelity and love. This choice is not accidental: the design of the bed reflects precisely these qualities, offering an enveloping and inviting feeling of comfort. Find it in our Showrooms in Como and Lugano.

The fashionable designer double bed in 2023


A design that adapts to your needs

The true innovation of the Koi bed lies in its versatility. Thanks to the different base options, such as fixed, storage, electrically-moving and Leonardo base, you can customise your Koi bed to suit your space and comfort needs.

The fashionable designer double bed in 2023


Fabric or leather: a matter of taste

The Koi bed is an outstanding example of elegant design. Its clean lines and vertical quilting enhance the look of the bed, lending it an aura of understated luxury. With its meticulously crafted structure, Koi adds a touch of sophistication to any room.


What is the importance of upholstery in the Koi bed?

Fabric or leather: a question of taste and functionality


One of the most outstanding features of the Koi bed is the upholstery. With a choice of fabric or leather, both with completely removable covers, a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics is created. The choice of upholstery plays an important role in giving the Koi bed its distinctive personality. Vertically quilted fabric gives the bed a cosy and sophisticated look, while leather offers a touch of timeless elegance. This balance of form and function is what makes the Koi bed a popular choice among those seeking high-quality design. However, the versatility of the Koi bed does not end there. With several base options available, including a fixed base, a storage base, a base with electric movement, and the Leonardo base, the Koi bed can be customised to suit a variety of space and comfort needs. These innovative features, combined with the bed's refined aesthetics, help create a piece of furniture that is as functional as it is attractive. Finally, the headboard details, available in polished black nickel or matt burnished, add a final touch of elegance to the Koi bed. Whether you are looking for a piece of furniture that adds a touch of understated luxury to your bedroom or you need a bed that suits your specific needs, the Koi bed offers a suitable design solution. Visit our showrooms in Como and Lugano to discover for yourself the beauty and functionality of the Koi bed.

The fashionable designer double bed in 2023
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