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This is the Old Ford design table

Old Ford

he Old Ford is a unique table designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni&C. The glossy lacquered legs and wood or marble top combine to create a design piece that marries the elegance of imperfection. Available in two sizes, Old Ford is the epitome of how design can transform any space. Come and discover it in our Showrooms in Como and Lugano.  Read more
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What is it that makes the Old Ford a unique table?

The elegance of imperfection in the art of interior design

Old Ford, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni&C, is a masterpiece of elegance. A table with glossy lacquered legs, available in burgundy red, pine green or black nickel. The top offers two wood options, limba or coffee oak, or a choice of marble from Emperador, Calacatta or Sahara Noir. Each finish, matt or polished, amplifies the uniqueness of the design. Proposed in two sizes, Old Ford can transform any space. Available in our Showrooms in Como and Lugano.

This is the Old Ford design table
This is the Old Ford design table


Is there a story behind the name Old Ford?

The name Old Ford is not accidental. It is a tribute to the craft process, a symbol of nobility and maturity. Like a good wine that improves with the years, Old Ford acquires charm over time. Visit our Showrooms in Como and Lugano to discover this story for yourself.

This is the Old Ford design table


What innovation does Old Ford bring to table design?

Old Ford represents an innovation in design, combining the elegance of glossy lacquered wood with the uniqueness of marble. This synergy offers an extraordinary result. Find the innovation in our Showrooms in Como and Lugano.

This is the Old Ford design table


How is beauty reflected in the Old Ford?

Old Ford embodies the art of imperfection. Its lacquered legs, the choice of wood or marble, all combine to create a unique piece of design. Its beauty lies in the harmony of dissonance. Discover it in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.


Why choose the Old Ford table for your home or office?

The table that transforms spaces

The Old Ford table is the ideal choice for those who wish to furnish with style and personality. Each piece is a tribute to artistic imperfection, where uniqueness merges with functionality. The lacquered legs, available in different shades, match the top, offered in either wood or marble. Every detail is designed to create a design piece that does not go unnoticed. Moreover, the two sizes proposed allow Old Ford to be placed in different contexts, from the dining room to the office. Visit our Showrooms in Como and Lugano to discover how Old Ford can transform your space.

This is the Old Ford design table
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