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This photo shows the Orson outdoor chair by RODA

Orson - Chair

RODA and Orson. RODA's Orson outdoor chair is a sublime fusion of elegance and functionality. Dressed in Batyline, the director's chair appears to sport an evening gown, while the lounger is designed to offer unsurpassed ergonomic support and comfort. The ORSON collection embodies chic and sophisticated outdoor furniture with an almost bourgeois touch, perfect for adorning gardens and terraces. The proportion-conscious design, skilful use of materials and colour palette create an impeccable balance of form, material and style, making ORSON the ideal choice for those seeking sophistication in outdoor furniture.   Read more
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The art of the imperfect, discover the Orson chair

Everywhere a masterpiece, also in the showroom in Como and Lugano

The Orson chair, an emblem of contemporary design, manifests itself through an innovative fusion of materials and shapes. Inspired by the beauty of imperfection, this creation defies convention through the use of asymmetrical lines and unusual finishes. The sturdy yet elegant structure is made with state-of-the-art technology, offering unprecedented comfort. The wood, worked with almost forgotten craft techniques, reveals veins and imperfections that tell stories of nature and time. The result is a chair that is not only functional but also sculptural, perfect for those who seek in furniture a form of artistic expression. Visible in our showrooms in Como and Lugano, the Orson chairs represent the pinnacle of aesthetic research and comfort.

This photo shows the Orson outdoor chair by RODA

Every Piece, a Tale of Como and Lugano

A journey through time, the secret history of the Orson chair

The Orson chair carries the secret of ancient craftsmanship techniques, reinvented for the future. Every curve and recess tells of the passion and dedication of the craftsmen who, in our showrooms in Como and Lugano, continue to explore the art of making.

This photo shows the Orson outdoor chair by RODA

Discover the New Ergonomics in the Showrooms of Como and Lugano

Revolution in comfort, the Orson chair innovation

Orson's innovation lies in its ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. Ergonomic research, masterfully applied, offers a unique seating experience designed for everyday well-being. Visit Como and Lugano to discover reinvented comfort.

An Icon of Style in the Showrooms of Como and Lugano

The Orson chair, beyond beauty

The Orson chair is not just a chair, it is a work of art that defies time. Its design, which pays homage to imperfection, transforms any space into an art gallery. Available in our showrooms in Como and Lugano, it is the favourite choice of connoisseurs.


Why the Orson chair is considered a work of contemporary art

The answer that will surprise you, available in Como and Lugano

The Orson chair transcends the traditional definition of furniture to embody a design philosophy that celebrates imperfection as an art form. Its ability to harmonise contrasting materials, together with the craftsmanship that reveals the beauty hidden in asymmetries, makes it more than just a utilitarian object. It is a style statement, a reflection on contemporary aesthetics that invites reflection and admiration. Available in our showrooms in Como and Lugano, the Orson chair invites one to rediscover the emotional and cultural value of design, offering a new perspective on luxury furniture.

This photo shows the Orson outdoor chair by RODA
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