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This photo shows the Salina armchair by KETTAL

Salina - Armchair

KETTAL and Salina. The Adda armchair is an elegant fusion of contemporary design and enveloping comfort. Its structure is lightweight metal. The cushions, characterised by an original longitudinal seam, create a slight ripple in the fabric or leather upholstery, adding a distinctive touch. the armchair has die-cast aluminium feet, emphasising a contemporary and refined style. A piece of furniture that combines aesthetics and functionality with a touch of elegance.  Read more
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Why the Salina armchair is considered an icon of modern design

Discover the essence of a unique piece

The Salina armchair transcends the simple function of seating and becomes a central piece in the narrative of any living space. Its ability to fuse together clean lines and innovative materials makes it not only a design object but a true symbol of modernity and comfort. This armchair is an invitation to rediscover the art of furnishing, proposing a new vision of space that reflects personality and taste. Its presence in our showrooms in Como and Lugano is testimony to our commitment to selecting pieces that define not just styles, but real ways of experiencing spaces. Salina is not simply an armchair; it is a promise of beauty, comfort and sustainability, designed for those who appreciate the true value of design.

This photo shows the Salina armchair by KETTAL
This photo shows the Salina armchair by KETTAL

Hidden Curiosities of Salina: A Touch of History in Your Living Room

Journey through time, discover the legacy

Every curve of Salina tells a story, inspired by classic silhouettes but revisited with a contemporary twist. Its creation is the result of a skilful mix of tradition and innovation, available exclusively at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

Innovation and Sustainability: The Future of Design in Your Home

Revolutionise your space with intelligence and style

The Salina armchair is a pioneer in sustainable design, integrating recycled materials without compromising aesthetics or comfort. This armchair symbolises harmony with the environment, available for you in our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

Salina Aesthetics: Where Beauty Meets Functionality

A design masterpiece for your home

The Salina armchair is an ode to minimalist elegance. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the curvature of the lines, is designed to visually and comfortably enrich any environment. Visit our showrooms in Como and Lugano to discover the beauty of Salina.


Explore the hidden beauty of salina, a treasure trove of contemporary design

Under the lens, technical details and innovation

The Salina armchair stands out in modern design thanks to its fusion of elegance and functionality. Created by the acclaimed Kettal brand, this piece represents a meeting point between art and comfort, emphasising the fluidity of the lines and the precision of the details. Made from high-quality materials, the Salina armchair offers a cosy and weather-resistant seat, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The slim but robust structure is designed to hug the body, ensuring maximum comfort. Available at the Showroom in Como and Lugano, this armchair is an investment in lasting beauty and timeless functionality.

This photo shows the Salina armchair by KETTAL
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