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Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli
Poltrona Frau


Starting from  16.860
The Chester sofa stands out for its uniqueness and comes in its most iconic version in Frau red leather, making it a timeless classic. This high-quality leather finish makes it a luxurious piece of furniture that fits into any environment, from classic to contemporary. The product in the configuration visible in the image to the left (cm 218 x 106 x h.67 two-seater, cm 263 x 106 x h.67 three-seater) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale. The sofa is in the Pelle Frau leather category, sc.  Read more
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High-end, modern and timeless sofas

Among the most distinctive, elegant modern sofas designed to provide a deep sense of comfort

The Chester sofa represents excellence in craftsmanship, skilfully combining traditional techniques and high-quality materials. Its elegant and timeless design makes it perfect for any furnishing style, from classic to contemporary. Every detail has been taken care of to ensure maximum comfort. The steel springs are expertly positioned and supported by strong jute straps, while the seat and backrest padding is composed of vegetable fibres. The generously filled goose down cushions will wrap you in a comfortable embrace, allowing you to relax completely on the Chester sofa. Finally, the feet are available in two options: spherical or high in dark walnut-stained or black lacquered beech wood, as well as covered in leather for a fine finish

Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli
Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

Elegance, class, design

The sophistication of the 1920s in modern comfort

Imagine yourself sitting in an elegant 1920s London living room, surrounded by leather sofas and sophisticated armchairs. Here, these modern leather sofas are inspired by that golden age of elegance and sophistication. Every detail has been painstakingly handcrafted, from the capitonné work, to the curved armrest, to the series of handcrafted studs that adorn the upholstery. These sofas will make you feel as if you have been transported to another era, where every detail is attended to with precision and passion. Get ready for a unique experience and be enveloped in the timeless beauty of these masterpieces of craftsmanship.


Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

Eternal classicism

The art of leather craftsmanship: Chester sofas

These designer sofas encapsulate the history of craftsmanship and craftsmanship in leather. Every sinuous curve and every refined detail are the result of a legacy passed down from generation to generation, encapsulated in every single seam and curved armrest. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the timeless beauty of these leather sofas, where each fibre tells a unique and precious story

Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

Comfort and style

Chester sofas and their pouf of Italian design

Chester sofas represent the essence of modern design, and now they are even more sophisticated with their matching ottoman. With perfect dimensions of 63 x 48 cm, this versatile and functional complement fits into any living space, adding a unique and sophisticated touch of style. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the comfort and sophistication of these iconic sofas, enhanced by the presence of their matching ottoman. Get ready to experience unparalleled luxury and comfort


Renzo Frau: the art of design in high-end furniture

Celebrating the passion, dedication and innovation of a true pioneer

Renzo Frau, a design visionary, has left an indelible mark on the history of high-end furniture. With his mastery of leather craftsmanship and his passion for creating artful sofas, Renzo created unique pieces that have become synonymous with elegance and quality worldwide. His dedication to innovation has enabled Frau to become a leading brand in the industry, with sofa collections that combine comfort, style and modern art. Renzo was a proponent of a revolutionary idea: furniture can be an expression of art. With his unique manufacturing process combining state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship, Renzo has created sofas that represent the best in quality and comfort. His vision to create design elements that meet the highest demands has inspired many in the industry, making him a true pioneer in the art of furnishing. Renzo Frau's legend is a clear example of how passion and dedication can make a difference and bring about great change in the world. His legacy in high-end furniture will live on through his achievements and his unique philosophy.

Chester is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

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