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Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli
Poltrona Frau

Vanity Fair

One of the iconic armchairs of Italian design, born in 1930 from the creative flair of Renzo Frau. The elegance, symmetry and fine materials such as solid wood, fine upholstery and handcrafted finishes make the armchair a timeless object. The 1980s marked the true success of the armchair in world culture, to the point that it was named 'Vanity Fair' after the famous American glamour magazine. The product in the configuration visible in the image to the left (94 x 91 x h.99 cm) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale. Upholstery in Frau leather, category sc.  Read more
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Vanity Fair Armchair: The Icon of Handcrafted Design Made in Italy

The armchair, a symbol of the most memorable events in contemporary history and an icon of high-end Italian design around the world.

This designer armchair was made on a solid beechwood frame: it took no less than 21 hours of work, 9 square metres of leather, about 50 steel springs, 5 kilos of goose down and 275 pegs (completely covered in leather) to make the Vanity Fair armchair. From the most famous theatres on the international cinema scene, to the covers of the most acclaimed magazines, to the most important and exclusive exhibitions in the world, the popularity of this armchair has grown to the point of becoming an icon, one of the most recognised symbols of Made in Italy in the world.

Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli
Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

Absolute comfort

The armchair with natural comfort: padding made of vegetable fibres and goose feathers

The upholstery of the armchair seat is made of a fabric composed of vegetable fibres. The cushions, on the other hand, are made of goose down. The use of these two materials gives the armchair uncompromising comfort.

Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

Design in the world

Vanity armchairs: international design icon

This design armchair, thanks to its unique and elegant style, has conquered the homes of celebrities and prestigious institutions around the world, becoming an icon of Made in Italy and high quality craftsmanship design. From Hollywood to the most exclusive lounges of the international jet set, Vanity Fair has always been synonymous with style, elegance and luxury, representing a timeless work of art that lends a touch of unparalleled class to any setting.

Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

The mastery of Italian craftsmanship

Craftsmanship: the role of 'nails' in the creation of the Vanity Fair Armchair

In the handcrafted process of creating the Vanity Fair armchair, the phase of inserting the steel nails plays a fundamental role in maintaining the entire upholstered structure. Thanks to the meticulous care with which they are manually inserted, these nails guarantee an optimal hold of the seat and backrest, preventing any kind of sagging or deformation. This processing step requires a great deal of experience and craftsmanship, as it is necessary to insert each nail with millimetre precision in order to ensure perfect weight distribution and lasting stability of the structure. Thanks to this high-quality craftsmanship process, the Vanity Fair armchair represents a masterpiece of Italian design, combining comfort, elegance and solidity in a single high-end product.


The incredible story of Renzo Frau

From official supplier for the furnishings of the Italian royal family to the skyscrapers of New York, Renzo Frau's meteoric rise.


Renzo Frau was a visionary of high-end design. In the first decade of the 1900s, he saw the potential of advertising in the design sector and launched a campaign in the magazine 'Numero', which enabled him to obtain the first contracts to supply furniture to hotels and ocean liners. After Frau's death in 1926, his wife Savina Pisati took over the reins of the company and ensured continuity and success until the Second World War. Subsequently, thanks to her passion and dedication, the company evolved and gave birth to one of the most famous armchairs in the world: the Vanity Fair. The Vanity Fair exalts elegance and refinement, becoming a benchmark for luxury interior design. The choice of fine materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship are just some of the elements that characterise the Vanity Fair production, which has become synonymous with style and quality. Renzo Frau's vision and intuition have been carried on by his wife and subsequent heirs, who have maintained the tradition of quality craftsmanship, making the company one of the world's most appreciated manufacturers of luxury furniture.

Vanity Fair is a lounge chair designed by Renzo Frau and offered by Peverelli

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