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Musa are designer chairs produced by Maxalto and designed by Peverelli


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The Musa chairs are distinguished by their modern and avant-garde design, well suited to any environment. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (cm 44 x 53 x h.83) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Musa designer chairs: elegance and comfort in your residence

Unique experiences thanks to modern design and distinctive Made in Italy quality

Imagine stepping into an environment that reflects your personality and taste, where every detail has been attended to with love and passion. The designer chairs, Musa, offer you this possibility, with their modern and cosy design that will make you feel immediately at home. The sturdy solid oak frame, available in three shades: light, grey and black oak, will impress you with its elegance and solidity. The leather or fabric upholstery, padded with a combination of polyurethane and other high-quality materials, will provide you with a comfort that only perfection can offer. With hundreds of materials and vibrant colours at your disposal, as well as detailed finishes that enhance the attention to detail, the Musa chairs will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. Let the craftsmanship of Maxalto's "Savoir Faire" make you feel at home every time you sit on these extraordinary designer chairs

Musa are designer chairs produced by Maxalto and designed by Peverelli
Musa are designer chairs produced by Maxalto and designed by Peverelli

Research and materials

Flexibility, strength and sustainability of design

Solid wood is considered by many to be the ideal material for luxury designer chairs. Its flexibility allows it to be worked in versatile and customised ways, creating unique and fashionable shapes. Its strength also guarantees unparalleled durability and stability, making these chairs ideal for everyday use. But the real beauty of solid wood lies in its sustainability: being a recyclable material, choosing chairs made of this material means making a responsible choice for the environment and for future generations.

Musa are designer chairs produced by Maxalto and designed by Peverelli

The Italian Savoir Faire

Chairs handcrafted by experienced Italian craftsmen

From a passion for design and craftsmanship come the Musa living room chairs. Months of unique and dedicated work by master craftsmen have led to the birth of these wonders of contemporary Italian design. Every single detail has been meticulously crafted to convey elegance and refinement at all times. The elegant and refined form of these designer chairs is testimony to Maxalto's love for the art of Italian design and perfect craftsmanship

Musa are designer chairs produced by Maxalto and designed by Peverelli

Emotions and colours

Designer chairs, Musa, the touch of class for your home

In order to create a unique and cosy atmosphere in your residence, the designer chairs, Musa, feature a range of vibrant and lively colours, carefully chosen to bring profound harmony to any room. These colours have been chosen with the aim of creating a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


An icon of contemporary design, from creation to emotion

Musa chairs: the timeless elegance of contemporary Italian design

In a changing world where beauty and quality are often sacrificed by speed and convenience, Musa chairs represent a symbol of elegance and refinement. Designed by the illustrious Antonio Citterio in 2008, at a time marked by the financial crisis, these chairs have become an icon of contemporary Italian design. The simplicity of these design chairs enhances the beauty of nature and Italian craftsmanship; Musa are Italian design chairs, or rather they are a true 'work of art' that will remain in design history for generations.

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