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This photo shows Lake Como in the evening

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The art of craftsmanship as a means of growth for the community

 There is something magical and unique about the art of craftsmanship and design: it is the love, care and attention to the smallest detail that craftsmen and designers convey in each creation. Since its rootsin the 1920s, Peverelli embodied this philosophy, placing its creativity e craftsmanship in the service of local community of his home country. Over the years, the community to which Peverelli addressed expanded, even during the post-war and reconstruction period, when design was not yet widespread among people.

James Dyson
quoted in his autobiography '{...} It was 1965, and design not found space in magazines and newspapers, certainly not sold in the shops {...}" In this context, the community of Peverelli was made up of family members, friends, onlookers and fans of the design of furnishings that the company offered in its shops. The community was made up of individuals who shared a common interest in and fascination for the quality of the design proposed by Peverelli. Today, the active collaboration between the community, craftsmen and designers enables the creation of unique, customised environments that reflect the personality of the people who live in them.

Peverelli Code: writing a code for the future

The addition of the term 'Code"to the company name not was accidental. The name "Code"represents the idea of community (CO) and of design (DE), symbolising the roots of the company in the Lake Como (CO) and a passion for design (DE). The word 'Code' evokes the "Savoir Faire" and the best practices consolidated over almost a century of work in high-end furniture. But Code is much more than an idea or a symbol. It is the tangible representation of Peverelli's commitment to thetechnological innovation, the passion and attention to the community. Code is the will to innovateto write a code for the future.

The photo shows a perspective of Lake Como

Passion for craftsmanship meets digital approach

Peverelli's commitment to the community has always gone beyond the trade of design elements and the realisation of undertakes to promote thetechnological innovationtrying to combine the craft tradition with the technologies most innovative, care for the environment around us and attention to other communities around the world. The platform aims to innovate to ensure precision and quality in the distribution and design processes, without neglecting the importance of craftsmanship and creativity. is passionately committed to promoting the value of Made in Italyof the designof thecraftsmanship and the know-how Italian. The platform does not just celebrate the beauty of products, but embodies the essence of each design element through stories unique, fascinating and engaging. enhances local skills and identities, creating a deep and authentic link between people and Italian culture. Let the entire world discover the artisan pearls of the Bel Paese, through a channel that not only celebrates the beauty of each product, but is able to create connections and relationships of trust.

Joining on this voyage of discovery of the Made in Italy means immersing oneself in an experience that brings people closer not only to the beauty of design, but also to Italian history, culture and tradition.