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This photo shows Milan in the Navigli area at sunset

Italian design icons

A journey through style and innovation

Italian design is renowned worldwide for its excellence, elegance and innovation. There are many products and designers that have left an indelible mark on the international design scene, becoming true icons. This article aims to highlight their contribution to the development of Italian design.

D.156.3 is a lounge armchair designed by Giò Ponti and offered by Peverelli

Gio Ponti and Italian Design

One of the most recognisable icons of Italian design is undoubtedly Gio Ponti. Considered one of the pillars of contemporary Italian design, Ponti influenced generations of designers with his unique aesthetics and innovative vision. His most famous works include the Superleggera chair and the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan.

The Superleggera, light yet strong, is an example of how Ponti succeeded in combining practicality and beauty. The Pirelli skyscraper, on the other hand, represents one of his most ambitious architectural works, a symbol of modernity and progress in the heart of Milan. Ponti was able to mix tradition and modernity, elevating the everyday to an art form, expressing a vision that is still fundamental to Italian design today.

Achille Castiglioni: humanity in design

Another inescapable name in the pantheon of Italian design is that of Achille Castiglioni. The celebrated designer designed over 150 design elements during his career, many of which have become true icons.

His creations, such as the Arco lamp and the Mezzadro chair, are still widely produced today and recognised as symbols of Italian design. The Arco lamp, with its marble base and long steel arm, is a perfect illustration of his innovative and functional approach. The Mezzadro chair, with its unusual use of a tractor seat, is an example of his ability to find beauty in ordinary objects. Castiglioni had a very human approach to design, arguing that objects should first and foremost improve people's lives.

Mario Bellini: innovation and beauty 

Turning to more recent icons, Mario Bellini deserves a special mention. A world-renowned architect and designer, Bellini has created innovative products that have redefined design standards.

One of his most iconic designs is the 'Le Bambole' sofa for B&B Italia. First presented in 1972, 'Le Bambole' revolutionised the concept of seating, abandoning rigid structures in favour of a soft, enveloping shape reminiscent of a large cushion. This sofa won the Compasso d'Oro in 1979, a prestigious award in the world of Italian design, and remains one of Bellini's best-loved designs.

Photo of Le Bambole sofa by B&B Italia, a leading manufacturer of high quality designer furniture.