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This photo shows the living area of the Peverelli showroom in Lugano

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Interior furnishing is more than ever a key element of living, capable of reflecting lifestyles, personality, and influencing daily well-being. Peverelli, the official Flexform dealer in Lugano, a company committed to bringing the elegance of Italian design into the homes of those who desire quality living.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

Flexform: synonymous with quality and design

Flexform is one of Italy's leading design furniture companies, internationally renowned for the quality of its products. Founded in 1959, Flexform has built its reputation on the production of elegant and comfortable furniture, whose beauty lies in the simplicity of design and attention to detail. This is one of the reasons why choosing Flexform means opting for sophisticated taste and long-lasting comfort.

This photo shows different types of modern furniture proposed by Peverelli

Peverelli, a landmark in Lugano

Peverelli, well known for the exceptional quality of its products and services, stands out as an official Flexform dealer in Lugano, offering access to the best of Italian design in the heart of Switzerland.

Peverelli is not just a sales outlet, but a real space where you can have an immersive experience in the Flexform world. Their showroom, strategically located in Lugano, is a meeting place for design enthusiasts, architects, and anyone wishing to furnish their home with taste and personality.

Flexform quality: authenticity and craftsmanship

Choosing Peverelli as your official Flexform dealer in Lugano means choosing authenticity. Every Flexform piece is made with great care, keeping alive the love for craftsmanship and the search for quality materials. Flexform represents the quintessence of Italian elegance and comfort and, as an official dealer, Peverelli guarantees the authenticity of each piece.

The vast assortment available at Peverelli makes it possible to satisfy a variety of tastes and needs, from furniture for the living area to furnishing complements and elements for the sleeping area. Each Flexform product is designed to create welcoming and refined environments, reflecting the true spirit of Made in Italy.

A tailor-made shopping experience

In addition to the quality of the products, what makes Peverelli unique is its customer focus. Peverelli's team of experts is always ready to guide customers in their choice of furniture, offering personalised advice to find the perfect solution for every need. The aim is to create an environment that reflects the personality of its inhabitants, always guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Lugano: a context of excellence

Located in the heart of Lugano, Peverelli enjoys a charming setting. Lugano, located in Italian-speaking Switzerland, is a city that combines the elegance of Swiss landscapes with the vibrant atmosphere of European cities. Here, beauty, culture, and luxury come together, creating the perfect environment for a high-end retailer like Peverelli. Visiting the shop is not just about shopping, but about enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience, immersed in the charm of one of Switzerland's most beautiful cities.

Peverelli and Flexform: a long partnership 

The partnership between Peverelli and Flexform is the perfect combination of two companies that share the same values of quality, design and customer care. On the one hand, Flexform, with its reputation for excellence in the field of interior design, on the other hand, Peverelli, with its experience in the industry and its commitment to its customers. Together, they offer a high level of service that results in a superior customer experience.