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A forest, symbol of sustainability

Wood that respects nature

Even a parquet floor can be trendy and sustainable

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The feeling of wood under bare feet is probably something we all know, evoking old memories, full of love e heat. The parquet fits in perfectly with the idea of housea cosy, warm home, embellished with the charm of expertly crafted and laid wood grains. A material that evokes feelings of comfort and somehow brings us back to the sphere natural. But wood does not only speak of the past. While smooth parquet recalls a classic style, today it is possible to play with textures e materials different reflecting the trend of the moment, in terms of design and sustainability.

This photo shows the beauty of natural wood, proposed by Peverelli
This photo shows the beauty of natural wood, proposed by Peverelli

Flooring in green living

The green living has had a great impact on interior design, with natural materials such as bamboo, cork or multilayer wood it is possible to opt for choices eco-friendlywhich do not impoverish the environment but enrich your indoor.

Although wood is a material ecological and renewable, we have the task of choosing sources that best respect our planet, which is none other than our primary home. That is why our choice always falls on the certified woodsourced from controlled forests in order to protect local flora, fauna and workers.

So "play" with the new finishes: hand-scraped, wire-brushed or aged parquet floors, to bring a touch of tradition and at the same time a wind of modernitywith full respect for the environment.

Is there an 'optimal' parquet floor for every home? If we exclude historic buildings, where a conservative approach is always advisable, an interior designer's choice today can range over an extraordinary variety of offerings with three criteria that should guide his choice: the style, i colours, the contemporaneity of the house he is building.

Today, choosing wood flooring can be planet-friendly. Elegant, comfortable and... very contemporary!

This photo shows the beauty of natural wood, proposed by Peverelli