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This photo shows wallpaper for the bedroom from Peverelli

Wallpaper: prints with extraordinary effects

The triumph of wallpaper thanks to new printing technologies

We remembered it as a retro element in 1970s homes, now it is the protagonist of the most exclusive environments. We are talking about the wallpaperwhich today is able to process e enhance every room: from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the living room to the kitchen. Wallpaper has come back into the limelight in recent years, becoming the queen of interior design.

The reasons range from those geometric to more classical ones inspired by the nature, come on cold colours to those warm, from fantasies reminiscent of the wood or the stoneup to the 3D surfaceswallpaper is an extremely versatile solution that never ceases to amaze, able to adapt to any context.

Each room becomes a work of art, the walls join the furniture in a synergy of shapes and colours unique to each room.

Three-dimensional effects

If you love theart and the perspective motives, the wallpaper that is right for you are the new 3D patterned prints offering forms capable of resize any space. Three-dimensional effects can be provided by clean, pastel-coloured geometries or prints that recall natural motifs. Definitely a style that denotes innovation and character within a home.

This photo shows wallpaper for the bedroom from Peverelli

Relaxing fantasies

If in your home you are looking for peace and serenity or you want to devote a room to leisure, you can opt for wallpaper with relaxing motifsneutral tones and soft, cosy colours. This type of wallpaper is particularly suitable for bedrooms or relaxation areas. The patterns can be abstract or recall botanical motifs.

This photo shows wallpaper for the bedroom from Peverelli

Geometric motifs

If you love penaltyof theorder or if you have a keen artistic sense, the geometric patterns for wallpapers represent theunion of classic and modernbetween the ordinary and the extraordinary. Whether abstract or vintage inspired, geometric motifs are able to embellish any environment with a style that never goes out of fashion. As Kandinsky said "While the triangle drags upwards, the square remains firmly anchored to the earth and the circle, releasing force and energy, is a perfect shape, a small universe"and we can only agree.

This photo shows wallpaper for the bedroom from Peverelli

Representations of plants and flowers

If you want to bring the nature in your home the best solutions are the floral representations to be applied to your walls. Thanks to the numerous patterns and state-of-the-art effects, the botanical prints offer realistic or abstract styles, with floral patterns and romantic motifs or modern, striking effects.

This photo shows wallpaper for the bedroom from Peverelli

Whether you are looking for order and rigour or peace and relaxation, a wallpaper will be able to give the right character to every room in your home. Let your designers guide you in your choice of prints: real and abstract can coexist in one room.