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This photo shows the panorama of Cernobbio, where the designer furniture shop is located

The meeting of fashion and design

In the town of Cernobbio on Lake Como

The harmony of fashion and design in the heart of cernobbio

Like a painting with harmonious tones and bright colours, Italian design tells stories of creativity, craftsmanship and passion. And Italian fashion? It is a symphony in which every note resonates with elegance, style and innovation. When these two art forms meet, the result is a unique experience, a journey through materials, shapes and colours. This is what the collaboration between design and fashion at Dress 32 looks like in the heart of Cernobbio, a jewel set in the shores of Lake Como.

The fashion shop, Dress 32, a place of intrinsic charm, intrigues visitors with collections of clothes and accessories that are both traditional and avant-garde. A place that does not just sell Italian clothing, but celebrates it in all its forms.

This photo shows the B&B Italia dolls in Cernobbio
The Dolls
Eames Elephant

This celebration for the taste of Made in Italy becomes even more interesting thanks to the collaboration with Peverelli. Peverelli is known for its mastery of combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with an innovative vision of design, adding a touch of originality to the shop. It is as if fashion creations and design objects come together in a combination of shapes, textures and colours. In the shop, Dress 32, the spaces are filled with suggestions: here a dress in warm tones next to a lamp with a modern design, there a home accessory displayed on a minimalist style piece of furniture. Every corner of the shop becomes a stage where fashion and design express themselves and dialogue, creating an enveloping and stimulating atmosphere.

Cernobbio: a journey through stories, style and surprises in fashion and design

Shopping in Cernobbio thus becomes an experience involving all the senses. It is not just a matter of choosing an item of clothing or a design object, but of immersing oneself in a world of beauty, style and creativity, of discovering the stories that each piece tells, of being surprised by an unexpected encounter between a fabric and a material, between a cut and a shape.

This photo shows the panorama of Cernobbio, where the designer furniture shop is located

Cernobbio: a journey for Italian craft excellence

A visit to the fashion and clothing shop, Dress 32, in Cernobbio therefore becomes a real journey to discover the best of made in Italy. Here, every detail has the flavour of craftsmanship, every creation tells a story of passion and dedication. From the thread of a dress to the handle of a handbag, from the softness of a sofa to the elegance of a lamp, each element becomes evidence of a meeting between the art of fashion and that of design, both rooted in a tradition of excellence and constantly projected towards innovation

This photo shows the B&B Italia dolls in Cernobbio

Between tradition and innovation: fashion and design in Cernobbio

There is something special about entering a place where every detail is attended to with passion, where design innovation blends with tradition and where creativity is an integral part of every element. The fashion shop in Cernobbio is just that: a place where Italian design and fashion come together to create a unique atmosphere, where the shopping experience becomes a sensory journey through the best Made in Italy products.

The language of elegance: a journey between fashion and design 

On the one hand, fashion collections fascinate with their precise cuts, high-quality fabrics and attention to detail. On the other, the design objects amaze with their originality, the quality of the materials and the uniqueness of each piece. Together, they create a world in which style, quality and beauty are the protagonists. And where every customer can find his or her own corner of Italy, made of elegance, passion and originality.