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This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project


Project in London

The development of an innovative and original project

The experience of furnishing a prestigious home in the heart of London is special. To realise this ambitious project, Peverelli worked with some of the best professionals of the sector. After defining the structure general and the layout of individuals environmentswere chosen furniture, fabrics and finishes in our extensive selection. Also chosen were classic design elements to add style to the overall décor and express the soul of the house. Once the furniture was made, the project was completed with truly unique details such as splendid works of art who finished the walls and prestigious accessories which added an extra touch of elegance. 

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

At the end of the project, we had the opportunity to receive direct comments by the customer. Its appreciation filled us with pride and joyonce again confirming that this had been a great success. We are happy to have created a project so prestigious and hopefully it will serve as inspiration for others.




The development of an innovative and original project


Our tour starts from a disengagement leading to the upper floor

A disengagement elegant is a space that is well suited to the  passion for the design of our client. It was enriched with details such as a fumigated oak wooden staircase and carved by Peverelli, designer pendant lamps and walls with geometric decorations. A white floor with black stripes creates asophisticated atmospherewhile the artificial light can add additional accents to emphasise the space. A elegant ambience which also incorporates some practical elements such as hangers, shelves or cabinets for storing personal belongings.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The living area


This cosy space is designed to offer the maximum comfort and enjoy an even more relaxing furnishing environment. The Giorgetti sofa is an iconic element, with its removable cushions and high backrest that invite you to treat yourself to moments of relax wrapped in modernity and elegance. I neutral tones of the sofa help make this space perfect for relax and enjoying a cosy atmosphere. Whether you are a lover of design or simply a fan of comfort, this room will be the perfect place to enjoy your most precious moments. In addition, the quality furnishings make this living room a ambience of elegance that will speak for itself. 

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

A reading area 

A reading room must be a place of reflection and relaxationcapable of immersing you completely in your favourite books. For this reason, the choice of furniture is crucial: a sofa and a armchair comfortable, padded with soft cushions. The room was furnished with reading lamps well positioned, able to illuminate and focus the space: an important detail to give oneself some peace while reading. The neutral shades offer calm and tranquillitywhile the brighter tones give a touch of cheerfulness to the surrounding environment. Finally, the carpet is an essential element in conferring comfort and the selected fabric makes the atmosphere pleasant and inviting. This ambience is an invitation to immerse yourself in your passion for reading.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The stairs

La spiral staircase realised in wood and marble within the residence, is really a splendid interior design solution. The structure of the ladder is robustwith elegant iron railings surrounding it and add a touch of luxury to the ambience. The deep brown wood used to create this scale combined with the lighter shades of the rest of the staircase provide an attractive contrast. The way the staircase is designed is an example of how the soft, curved lines can improve the aesthetics of the home, adding three-dimensionality to the space. Every detail is taken care of: from the sides of the stairs to the decorations on railings. In short, this spiral staircase is a luxurious addition that does not go unnoticed. Its presence lends harmony and serenity to the residence, making all guests feel welcome and welcome.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The master bathroom

The modern bathroom of the master bedroom is an experience of absolute luxury. Everything in this room invites relaxation and well-being. Le polished tiles that cover the walls reflect the sunlight, creating a bright atmosphere. The modern sink perfectly matches the mirror above. The shower enclosure glass is illuminated by LED spotlights on the ceiling, to create a magical atmosphere that induces the relax. An even more extraordinary detail in the master bedroom is the hidden laundry room. This space is designed to optimise organisation and make everyday needs simple. 

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

An oasis of peace in the heart of London

This Outdoor area has everything you need to spend a pleasant time in a classy open-air setting. A patio with stone paving e soft, sophisticated lighting offer an unprecedented experience. In this space one can enjoy a pleasant evening, sitting around a large solid wood table, relaxing on comfortable chaise longue and enjoying a panoramic view of the city of London. The outdoor fireplace creates the perfect atmosphere to let your thoughts drift away. Everything is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with high quality materials and great attention to detail. A place that reflects elegance and exclusivity.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

Modernity at the table: cooking

For the kitchen, a furniture by Boffi highly customised to specific customer requirements. The result is a truly interesting space with warm colours that blend harmoniously. For appliances, we recommended one of the best Made in Germany brands to the client: Gaggenau promising functionality and high-level design, ideal for those who have technological requirements but do not want to compromise on aesthetics and design. To emphasise the ambience, natural materials such as wood and natural stonethus creating a timeless scenic effect. In addition, a large window overlooks the terrace to enjoy the view. In short, an ambience that has been carefully designed to meet all customer requirements!

In particular, aimposing island (model K14) from the characteristic plane cut at 45 degrees emphasising the characteristics of marble.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

An environment of passage

In the master room there are also ergonomic designer armchairsperfect for working or simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoor scenery. The furniture is made of high-quality materials and the soft, sinuous lines make it even more comfortable. The room is completed by a large wardrobe that provides the necessary storage space. All this, together with thenatural lighting filtering through the windows, creates an elegant yet cosy atmosphere. In addition, the room also has a modern sound system to enjoy the best sound experience. An ideal bedroom to make guests feel at ease. Natural light contributes to making this space unique and special. The bedroom seems specially created to give a feeling of absolute peace.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The master bedroom 

The double bed has an elegant design and style minimalist that perfectly matches the style of the room. The covering in fine fabric offers luxurious comfort. On the ceiling, the chandelier with marine details is an aesthetically pleasing addition: it provides an air of freshness and elegance when the light goes out, creating an atmosphere that invites relaxation. Through these elements, the bedroom becomes a space in which to relax and recharge one's energy.  

What makes this room unique is the silence. Looking out the window from the bed, the quietness of the bedroom creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity: no sound can disturb your relaxation. This is what makes the bedroom so special. Design and style coexist harmoniously with the quietness of the room, offering a exclusive space.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

Art welcoming the TV area

For moments of relaxation, our customer decided on a special living area. The furniture of the TV cabinet was developed entirely tailor-madedetailing all the products of the different partners. Also in this environment we find a Giorgetti designer sofaaccompanied by the armchair, coffee table and TV cabinet of the same brand. The particularity and customisation is given by two rotating TV cabinet elementswhile a integrated lighting system gives the room a modern yet cosy style. Characteristic elements of this ambience include a painting with abstract lines and oceanic colours which, sliding over the structure, hides the television. The choice of furniture was also made with this distinctive stylistic element in mind.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project
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