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The kitchen chairs are modern furniture, designed for a Peverelli project


Project in Eastern Europe

Wood and marble in a constantly evolving structure

In this characteristic living room you can see the peculiar combination of the fir wood structure of the building and the walnut which covers some of its distinctive elements, such as the arches and pillars supporting the upper floor. The project involved us in the development of advanced technical solutions able to adapt not only to the rooms but also to the walls of the house. Even the doors have been designed to blend harmoniously into the context through the use of materials as the woods, varnishes specials and bronze profiles. Lightingdesigned to enhance the characteristics of the entire environment. All this has contributed to the creation of aatmosphere intimate and cosy that suits the various individual needs

The corner sofas are modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

The living room is a fundamental room in every home, where most of one's free time is spent. Every minimum detail has been carefully designed to give the entire residence anunique atmosphere


Eastern Europe


End-to-end project management

An evolving structure

One of the most prominent areas is the living areacharacterised by an impressive double-height wall. The original wall was clad in national walnut and enriched with quillwork mounted at different depths to create a three-dimensional effect.

In order to generate a warmer, more impactful and cosy atmosphere, the LED lighting near the ceiling.

The corner sofas are modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

A warm passage to the sleeping area

To connect the lower floor to the upper floor, a modern staircase composed of Walnut-clad volumeswhich conceal the metal supporting structure. The wooden steps seem to float in the room, a magical walkway to the upper floor enhanced by the crystal parapets and LED lighting. The dominant aesthetic element is the modern bronzed metal tubulars that decorate the perimeter of the entire structure.

The wooden staircase is of modern furniture, designed for a Peverelli project

Bar Area: a combination of materials and design

L'bar area is a distinctive element of the entire residence. The central element that immediately catches the eye is the backlit glassa modern and innovative material that perfectly complements walls clad with a three-dimensional wood and bronze paneling. The juxtaposition of these materials, obtained through traditional and modern production processes, creates unique decorative effects with great visual impact.

The result is a design environment contemporary and elegantin which every element has been treated with the utmost attention to detail

The corner sofas are modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

The highly customised design 

Inside the wall is an elegant cdouble-sided aminoenriched by a metal frame resting on a metal top. precious marble. The contrast between the cold of Calacatta Vagli gold marble and the heat of wood creates a cosy and refined atmosphere. The room has been furnished with iconic and distinctive design elements, including sofas, armchairs e complements that skilfully blend fabrics, leather and wood to create textures and colour palettes in perfect harmony with the style of the home. Each element has been carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and functionality, without ever neglecting elegance and aesthetic beauty. The result is an exclusive and refined ambience, in which every detail has been taken care of with great attention.

The corner sofas are modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

Relaxation area surrounded by nature

L'relaxation area of thisexclusive residence offers a spectacular view across the large stained glass windows. The star of this room is the sofa Edra Packiconic element with a backrest in the shape of a lying bear that pays homage to the nature surrounding. The design of the sofa gives therelaxation area character and personality, becoming the focal point of the room. The large windows offer a relaxing view of the garden. In addition, thefurniture of the room is characterised by distinctive design elements, such as sofas, armchairs e complements which skilfully combine fabrics, leather and wood, creating textures and colour palettes in line with the style of the home.

The corner sofas are modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

La natural light that spreads out harmoniously in the villa was very important for design the interiors. Among the materials that go best with natural light is the woodwhich lends personality and warmth. Thanks to its natural textures, the wood guarantees a unique tactile experience. In addition, its versatility enables customised shapes and finishes, allowing the spaces to every taste and style. The encounter between the natural light and the wood inside the villa creates an extraordinary and exciting atmosphere, capable of giving environments unique and elegant.

The warmth of wood in every room


The choice of colour palette has been instrumental in donating character e personality to the walk-in wardrobe environment. The search for the perfect combination of materials and shades was essential to reflect the tastes personal and preferences stylistics of the customer.

Choosing the right colours and materials is key to creating a unique and customised ambience. The walk-in wardrobes represent an intimate and personal place, where clothes and accessories are transformed into real design objects. Choosing the right colours is essential to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere that perfectly reflects the personality and taste of the customer.

With the right combination of materials and shades, the walk-in wardrobe environment can become a space in which the customer can feel completely at ease. 


This walk-in wardrobe is of modern furniture and part of a design by Peverelli

A designer wine cellar as added value

La wine cellar ris one of the most striking elements in this prestigious residence. As soon as one enters, one is seized by a feeling of admiration. Wood is the main finish, which is combined with elegant decorative panelling backlitmetal pillars and a dense array of lights ledcapable of conveying a unique and evocative atmosphere.

The wine cellar is part of a modern interior design by Peverelli

An oasis of peace and comfort

On the upper floor of the prestigious residence a environment cosy and modern, with design elements designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation. This environment of the residence has been designed down to the smallest detail to allow you to enjoy a feeling of peace and serenitywhere you can relax, read a book and take a well-deserved break.
La Harbor armchairperfect for enjoying a moment of relaxation, has been carefully selected to offer maximum comfort and its ability to convey a feeling of wellness e tranquillity. The furnishings have been chosen with attention to the smallest details, using high-quality handcrafted materials, to create aatmosphere sophisticated and sought-after

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The living area

La combination by crystal e wood natural allows you to create a sophisticated and cosy ambience. The crystal with its lively sheen lends brightness to the room, while the natural wood softens every corner.

This combination of materials creates an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for making guests feel at ease. Using different materials such as wood, crystal, metal e glassunique visual and tactile experiences can be achieved. The natural wood with its veins conveys a feeling of warmth.

The combination of crystal e wood allows you to create design environments exclusivewhere beauty and comfort blend perfectly. 

The design armchair is modern furniture, designed by Peverelli

The essence of contemporary design: the table and lamp 

The table Tobi Ishi by B&B Italia is a true work of art that gives brightness e enriches l'environment with its modern features. The design contemporary of the table contributes to creating an atmosphere elegant within the exclusive residence.

The combination with the lamp Flos creates a unique effect: the soft light creates a suggestive and refined atmosphere, giving the room a touch of elegance. Investing in these two design elements certainly means enriching your home with real 'works of art' of great quality and beauty

Coffee tables are modern furniture, designed for a Peverelli project

The design elements of B&B Italia have enabled us to achieve a perfect working angle in line with the customer's expectations. The choice of using products B&B Italia allowed us to make the ambience of this prestigious residence a true work of art

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