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Modern contemporary furniture Design beds Lago di Como Peverelli

Interior design

Project on Lake Como

Light enhances design 

Creating the furniture for this exclusive villa on Lake Como was an incredibly rewarding and stimulating experience. We had the opportunity to experiment with different design trends, selecting high-end furniture by the most famous Italian designers. Materials of the highest quality were selected, such as Carrara marble and cherry wood.
The surrounding nature, mountain landscapes and the crystal-clear water of the lake were our source of inspiration for the décor of the villa. We tried to create an atmosphere that would enhance the beauty of the modern architecture and respect the harmony with the outside environment.

To make the décor even more personalised, we have selected handcrafted elements, such as custom-made chandeliers and Murano glass vases, which add a touch of elegance and originality.

It was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to put our knowledge and skills in design into practice, creating something very special and unique

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

The large living area is made unique by the extraordinary brightness: light becomes an integral part of the design, enhancing the furnishing elements in the room. In addition, the large windows offer a view of great emotional impact on the outside. The aim is to combine comfort and style through the use of neutral colours in warm tones, harmoniously combined with precious materials. All surfaces have been carefully selected to give the room a sophisticated and elegant contemporary flavour.


Lake Como


The development of an innovative and original project

Light and ceiling: protagonists of living

In the same room, another element stands out with character: the ceiling, characterised by wooden slats which, laid at regular intervals, create an interplay of solids and voids. The contrast with the light filtering through the windows creates an effect of great depth. The play of light and wood, combined with the neutral tone of the walls, gives this space a relaxed and warm atmosphere.
The choice of materials is very important when it comes to furnishing: soft fabrics in pastel colours make the living room more cosy, while lighting keeps the lines clean and structured.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

Thus the ceiling also acquires a central role in the project, not only for its aesthetic relevance but also for its functional aspect. Wood, in fact, makes the whole area cosy and modern, improves room acoustics and allows the passage of cables for the lighting system. 

The wall-mounted bookcase, a modular system of great design flexibility, is perfectly integrated: the rhythm marked and proportioned by the full and empty volumes and the harmonious use of different coloured lacquers with wooden details recalls the parquet floor and ceiling.

The charm of contrasts in the dining area

The contrast between the designer lamps and the precious wood of the ceiling is very attractive and creates a lively effect for the entire room. The natural material finishes harmonise with the modern geometry of the shapes, creating a cosy and elegant space. Designer lamps are a key element in interior design and can be used to create soft or more dynamic light. The brilliance and shape can be chosen to create contrasts and complementarity with the surrounding materials. 

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

Conviviality and modernity in one environment

The large, bright kitchen is a room of great importance in the project, being one of the main gathering places in the home. As such, we paid particular care and attention to its realisation, incorporating elements of great functionality without renouncing the beauty of design.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

The island spanning the entire length of the room is designed as a white single-material block, which includes a snack area with designer stools. The elm wood wall elements, which form the shelves and columns housing the appliances, create a pleasant balance in the composition, thanks to the contrasting colours and materials of the different surfaces.

Design and comfort for family time

The dining room is an ode to elegance. Large windows extend from floor to ceiling, offering spectacular views of the outdoors. The modern, minimalist design blends seamlessly with contemporary furnishings and is embellished with details such as hand-painted panels and luxurious curtains. This room represents perfection in terms of design and comfort, an invitation to relax and enjoy time with family.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

A swimming pool overlooking Lake Como

The spectacular view of Lake Como blends perfectly with the surrounding nature in this extraordinary infinity pool. Designed with attention to detail, it offers an unparalleled luxury experience. It is not only a true work of art of design, but also an experience of immersion in the natural beauty of the landscape. The infinity edge of the pool almost seems to merge with the horizon, creating an illusion of continuity between the sky and the crystal-clear water. The visual effect is breathtaking, as if the lake were a natural extension of the pool itself. Every swim becomes a unique and unforgettable experience. The care taken in designing the pool is not only limited to aesthetics, but also to functionality and safety. The water filtration system guarantees optimal quality at all times, while the materials used in the construction are strong and durable. In addition, the overflow design ensures that the water is always clean and crystal clear, without the need for frequent cleaning.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

Immersed in a natural setting of incomparable beauty, this infinity pool offers breathtaking panoramic views. Whether you are relaxing on the poolside loungers or swimming, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Como and the surrounding landscapes. Undoubtedly, this pool represents the apotheosis of elegance and comfort, and offers an experience of luxury and beauty that is hard to forget.

The staircase as a central design element: elegance and brightness

The staircase is one of the central elements of the project: every detail has been carefully considered, from the wooden handrail to the integrated lighting. The beauty of the marble blending with the rest of the furnishings develops an effect of brilliance and luminosity. The backlit walls add a touch of style and elegance to the structure.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

Relaxation and style: the reading corner in the contemporary living room design

There is also a corner dedicated to reading, relaxing and chatting with guests, thanks to the comfortable leather sofa with a large, soft seat that makes this portion of the living room extremely relaxing. Last but not least, we added a lamp with a modern design that creates an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Together, all these elements have created an ambience full of style and elegance that meets the highest expectations. It is a very special place that is instantly appreciated in every detail.

Una foto che mostra l'immagine di una villa sul Lago di Como arredata da Peverelli

Finally, the composition leaves space for a large window, which is perfectly integrated into the design, giving additional light and three-dimensionality to the wall. Despite the absence of partitions, the various areas are conceptually separated, to offer those who live in them exactly what they need, all in one room. In this way, the freedom to experiment and redefine a particular concept of living space is left to the people who inhabit it. Once inside the new dimension, architecture takes on added value, giving shape to the deepest feelings of those who live there. The magic of interior design and the fascination of the decorative arts come together to create something beautiful and meaningful. The end result showcases a rich and original design, reflecting the personality and inclinations of its inhabitants, creating an atmosphere that is both cosy and exclusive.

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