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This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project


Project in Tuscany

Peverelli quality in finishes and furnishings

Among the projects that most represent the experience and care of the service Genesis offered by Peverellithere is this wonderful villa set in the natural surroundings of Tuscany. The villa is surrounded by greenery, typical of the wild Mediterranean vegetation. 

The choice of furniture and products was harmonised with the selection of finishes of floors, walls and ceilings.

The proposal of the materials and the finishes reflects and respects the natural context in which the villa is located. At the feeling hot e cosy of walnutfor example, the use of natural stones as the travertine.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The link with nature is further strengthened in the choice of fabrics through the broad commitment of shades of green.

Last but not least, the meticulous laying the exquisite mosaics that decorate the bathrooms gives the whole house an elegant and luxurious touch, recalling the elements of the Mediterranean maquis that characterise the dwelling.




End-to-end project management

From living area to sleeping area walking on stone

For the connection between the living and sleeping area, the Peverelli team designed a fully customised solution: the staircase. This element elegantly enhances the hallway thanks to the stone steps that seem to float and the walnut panelling that gives a three-dimensional effect, further emphasised by the LED lighting.
Glass parapets, finally, give further lightness to the composition, while enhancing the sophistication of the design.

The project customisation work also extends to the bedroomswhere they were carefully selected products and finishes in combination with the machined walls e to woodwork, chosen as the headboard of the bed.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The fireplace as a piece of furniture

 Fine finishes and furnishings enrich and make the living area an extremely cosy environment. Here is the fireplace to act as protagonistin fact, it is one of the characterising elements of the project. Clad in travertine and carefully worked to create richer and more textured textures, the fireplace acquires a sculptural appearance emphasising vertical development.

The living area is characterised by aimportant natural lightingthanks to the large windows that open up the view of the garden and on the cosy outdoor veranda.

I Flexform sofas, framing the living area, are characterised by the leather weave on the back and armrests, further enhancing the positioning in the centre of the room, creating a modern ambience e cosy.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

Conviviality and modernity in one environment

La cooking is a small masterpiece of technologywhich, however, does not renounce aattractive aesthetics: The cabinet front doors are made of back-painted tempered glass, while the top of the island is made of natural stone from Versilia.

The kitchen area is visually separated from the dining area. The division between the two areas is given by the change in height of the spaces and the different finish chosen for the flooring.

A picture showing a villa in Tuscany furnished by Peverelli

The dynamic effect of wood tones

The use of the wood for the walls creates a striking contrast between the warm light and the fine finishes. Wood captures light and reflects it naturally, creating an extremely dynamic effect. The wooden wall conveys a sense of warmth and cosiness, thanks to the customised finishes in an original way. This material represents aattractive alternative at modern materials such as glass or paint, giving the room an natural and relaxing appearance. In addition, wood can be combined with any furnishing stylefrom modern to classic. The contrast between light and wood finishes, inspires the creation of a comfortable and cosy environment.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

The handcrafted beauty of the corridor: a unique atmosphere 

This corridor enhances the beauty of the handcrafted wood and the soft light creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere within the home. The harmony between lights and wooden elements gives the corridor a vibrant welcome, thanks to the natural finish of the wood and its handicrafts. The elegant arrangement of the lamps, which diffuse light onto the surface of the wood, gives the corridor a touch of class and a feeling of warmth and comfort. One can appreciate the craft tradition in the details, but also the absolute harmony generated by the soft lighting.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

Harmony between classic and modern

The designer furnishings in this contemporary living room are characterised by strong contrasts. It was decided to furniture of high and absolute qualitymade in precious wood or leather that are perfectly matched to elements modern and minimalist, such as coloured chairs or modular sofas. The designer furnishings are presented with bold, contemporary linescreating a style modern and elegant. The contrast between the classic and the more modern line is made even more evident by the choice of bright colours and the use of innovative materials such as glass and steel. The ability to combine classic elements with more contemporary ones is a way to give the room a modern and elegant look, without sacrificing comfort in the home.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

An area for relaxation 

The room is a true marvel for the eye. The warm and shiny parquet floor welcomes a refined designer armchair facing a large window which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. La soft padding of the armchair, which invites you to sit down, is made even more comfortable by large, soft cushions. The sunburst structure emphasises the modern design without being overly bold. The room is a perfect balance of modernity and elegance, and thanks to the attention to detail it becomes a cosy and comfortable place.

This photo describes modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

An original combination of materials

This bathroom features exclusive finishes such as stones, marbles e wood that give it a truly unique style. The combination of matt and glossy surfaces creates an eye-catching colour effect. The careful selection of these materials creates a pleasant and sophisticated ambience. The floor in marble combined with elements in wood creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The magnificent wall of stone gives the bathroom an unrivalled touch of class and elegance.

These accessories are furnishing, modern designed for a Peverelli project

An elegant mosaic

The bathroom wall was created with the mastery of a mosaicist who used valuable and ancient stones to create a unique mosaic. This furnishing technique offers the possibility of experimenting with colours, forms e drawingstransforming this bathroom into a ambience of well-being and relaxation. Le vivid tones create an atmosphere cheerful and welcomingbut also sophisticated and appealing. In addition, the gussets have been arranged to form a plot fascinating and intriguing. La variety of materials used for this mosaic gives a sophisticated look and refined, making this bathroom unique and unrepeatable.

These accessories are modern furniture designed for a Peverelli project

A natural background

The bedroom wall is an example of elegance e attention to detail. Made with a wallpaper from natural tonesit contributes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The print, enriched by geometric lines intricate, dona visual depth to the room, demonstrating a dedication to art and a love of detail. The wallpaper is the distinctive element that transforms this room into a highly customised and refined.

A picture showing a penthouse in Dubai furnished by Peverelli
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