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The Almora armchair is a work of art of contemporary design, created to offer a total relaxation experience. Its conical fibreglass frame, the soft padding of the seat, the enveloping shape of the backrest and the curved wooden headrest make it unique. The product in the configuration visible in the picture on the left (cm 106 x cm 84 x h.105) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Almora armchair: a refuge from the world to admire the Himalayas

Technique of a contemporary design work of art

The Almora armchair, inspired by the Indian region from which it takes its name, is a unique creation. Designed to offer a total relaxation experience, its structure consists of two conical fibreglass shells, one for the seat and the other for the backrest. The soft padding of the seat, combined with the enveloping shape of the backrest, creates a protective shelter from the outside world. The curved, upholstered wooden headrest completes the elegant and modern design of this armchair, perfect for admiring magnificent snow-capped peaks such as those in the Himalayas.

Shapes and design

Almora armchair curiosities

The Almora armchair is designed to be a place of peace and tranquillity, but there is one detail that makes it even more special: the headrest, which almost seems to float in the backrest shell. This detail not only adds a touch of elegance to the chair's already impeccable design, but also increases the comfort of the headrest. In fact, its position can be adjusted to perfectly suit each person's needs.

The innovative material

The Almora armchair innovation

The Almora armchair is the result of state-of-the-art technology in material processing. Its conical structure is made of fibreglass, a light but strong material that allows the shapes to be moulded precisely and reliably. This technology allowed the designers to create an elegant and modern armchair with excellent structural strength. The result is a product that combines beautiful design with functionality.

Its elegance

The beauty of the Almora armchair

The Almora armchair is a work of art of modern design, combining elegance with functionality. The soft upholstery of the seat, the enveloping shape of the backrest and the curved wooden headrest create a unique armchair. The choice to upholster the armchair with high-quality leather, combined with the fibreglass frame, makes it an elegant and refined solution for any environment.


The Almora armchair: a perfect solution for your relaxation corner?

Find out if the Almora armchair meets your needs for comfort and style

If you are looking for an armchair that offers a total relaxation experience, the Almora armchair could be the ideal solution for you. Its enveloping structure and adjustable headrest made of curved wood offer optimal support for your head and neck. The soft seat padding and high-quality leather upholstery guarantee unparalleled comfort. What's more, its sleek, modern design fits in perfectly with any décor, making the Almora armchair a versatile and elegant option for your relaxation space.

Data sheet

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