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Flair O

Flair O' (SF60F) is the ideal armchair for those looking for a design product with great aesthetic impact that is also functional and comfortable. The truncated-pyramid base, the enveloping seat and the possibility of customising the fabric cover create a unique and elegant product, able to enrich any environment with style and refinement. Fabric cover, cat Extra. Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm x h.73 cm.  Read more
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Flair O', the elegant and comfortable armchair

Refined design and technical details for a unique experience

Flair O' is a small armchair with essential but elegant lines, perfect to complete the furnishing of a room with style. The truncated pyramid base guarantees great stability without interfering with the harmony of the design. The upholstered seat and enveloping backrest promote relaxation and the ideal posture for interacting around a table. The swivel base and automatic return mechanism make Flair O' even more functional and comfortable.

Functionality and style for a unique armchair

The revolving base of Flair O'

The Flair O' swivel base is a functional and stylish design solution. Thanks to the automatic return mechanism, the armchair always returns to its initial position, guaranteeing an even more comfortable and convenient seating experience. The base perfectly matches the essential lines of the armchair, creating a unique product with great aesthetic impact.

A design innovation for maximum comfort

The enveloping seat of Flair O'

Flair O''s seat is enveloping and comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic shape that promotes ideal posture. The accentuated inclination of the backrest and the soft upholstery create a unique seating experience, perfect for relaxing or interacting around a table with style and elegance.

A design product that combines beauty and functionality

The elegance of Flair O'

Flair O' is a design armchair with great aesthetic impact. The elegance of the lines and the attention to detail create a product of great refinement, capable of enriching any environment with style. The truncated-pyramid base, the enveloping seat and the possibility of customising the fabric cover give Flair O' a timeless beauty.


Why choose Flair O' as an armchair to match the table?

Comfort, style and functionality for a unique seating experience

Flair O' is the perfect choice for those looking for an elegant, comfortable and functional small armchair to match the table. The swivel base and automatic return mechanism make Flair O' even more comfortable and functional, while the enveloping seat and soft padding guarantee maximum comfort. The possibility of customising the fabric upholstery also makes it possible to adapt Flair O' to every style and aesthetic requirement. Thanks to its refined design and attention to detail, Flair O' fits perfectly into any environment, creating a unique and elegant seating experience.

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