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Convivium is the multifunctional storage unit with refined lines, ideal for furnishing the dining area with style and functionality. The roto-translating door system, the internal division of the drawers in leather and the lighting system are just some of the features that make it a unique and precious piece of furniture. Convivium is the perfect ally for organising the dining area, combining practicality and design in a harmonious and sophisticated way. The product in the configuration (light oak wood external structure, backlit shelves, colonial leather interior) visible in the picture on the left (cm 161 x cm 61 x h.79) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Convivium, the multifunctional container with refined lines

The roto-translating system, the internal leather partitioning and the lighting system make this cabinet a unique piece of furniture

The Convivium storage unit is an elegant and versatile solution for the dining area. With its sober and refined lines, this cabinet blends perfectly with the surrounding furniture. The special feature of this product is the door opening mechanism, based on the roto-translating system, which makes it easy and convenient to use. Inside, the drawers are divided into skins, offering a dedicated space for every object, from silverware to tablecloths. Finally, the lighting system gives the entire product a cosy and refined atmosphere.


Convivium, the container that will surprise you

Convivium is more than just a cupboard. Thanks to its multifunctionality, this cabinet lends itself to multiple uses, offering a practical and versatile solution for every need. In fact, the roto-translating doors conceal a veritable treasure chest of resources: drawers divided into leather to hold cutlery, tablecloths and more, dedicated spaces for glasses and bottles, and interior lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere. Convivium is the perfect ally for furnishing the dining area with style and functionality.

An innovative system

The Convivium container combines design and practicality

The roto-translating system is a technological innovation that has revolutionised the way wardrobes are opened. Thanks to this solution, the Convivium storage unit manages to combine practicality and design. The door opening system makes the best use of available space, without sacrificing aesthetics. The mechanism also facilitates the daily use of the container, making it easier to hold the objects contained inside. Convivium is an example of how technology can enrich the world of design, creating objects that are both functional and beautiful.

Sophisticated aesthetics

The container with elegant and refined lines

Convivium is a piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed. Its elegant and refined lines blend perfectly with the surrounding furnishings, creating a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere. The choice of materials, from the wooden doors to the leather finish of the internal drawers, gives the product a high quality and fine finish.


Convivium: how to organise your dining area in a functional and elegant way?

Discover all the features of the multifunctional container Convivium

Convivium is the ideal container for organising the dining area in a functional and elegant way. Thanks to the internal subdivision of the leather drawers, you can organise tablecloths, cutlery and glasses in the best possible way, without sacrificing aesthetics. The roto-translating system of the doors, moreover, makes it possible to make the most of the available space, making the storage unit a valuable ally for those who have only a few square metres at their disposal. Finally, the lighting system creates an evocative and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for convivial evenings with friends and family. Convivium is the ideal solution for those looking for a multifunctional, elegant and high-quality product.


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