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Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli
Fountain Art


The Fontana Arte lamp is a timeless icon of Italian design. Created in 1954 by the famous Maestro Max Ingrand, its elegant shape and iconic design make it a distinctive element of elegance and refinement. Thanks to its multiple ignition, the Fontana Arte can satisfy multiple lighting needs, from intimate atmospheres to reading requirements. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (cm 47 x h.78) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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Fontana lamp: the elegance of luminous design.

The Fontana lamp is a timeless design icon, created in 1954 by the celebrated master Max Ingrand

The Fontana lamp is not only a lighting element, but a true objet d'art. Thanks to its elegant shape and its workmanship in white satin-blown glass, the lamp becomes a distinctive element of the interior design, capable of enriching any room with its refined style. The special multiple ignition, which allows the light intensity to be controlled, makes the Fontana Arte lamp a versatile and functional object, capable of satisfying multiple lighting needs. The lamp is designed to last, thanks to its craftsmanship and the high quality materials used in its manufacture. The Fontana design lamp therefore represents a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, a true masterpiece of Italian design.

Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli
Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli

Design icon

Discover how Fontana became an icon

The Fontana lamp was conceived by the renowned master designer Max Ingrand, who was responsible for its design and production for a decade. The lamp's name, Fontana, is a tribute to the company for which Ingrand was artistic director for many years. The lamp's elegant and refined design has made it a timeless icon of Italian design.

Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli


The new coloured version of the Fontana lamp

The Fontana lamp gets a makeover and presents a new coloured version of the lamp, available in light grey and amethyst purple. This new version reinforces the contemporary nature of the design and blends perfectly into modern and elegant environments. The lamp's unique multiple ignition is even more striking with the new colour, creating a unique and refined atmosphere.

Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli


The timeless beauty of the Fontana lamp

The Fontana Arte is a work of art, a design icon that enchants with its timeless beauty. The lamp, with its elegance and refinement, has become a symbol of style and class. Its multiple ignition makes it perfect for creating suggestive and enveloping atmospheres, giving its owners moments of relaxation and emotion


Is Fontana Arte suitable for every environment?

Find out if the Fontana lamp can fit into your private or work environment.

The Fontana Arte is a design icon that fits perfectly into any environment. Thanks to its multiple switching, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light and create different atmospheres. The lamp integrates perfectly into home or work environments, lending elegance and sophistication. The Fontana Arte can be placed on any flat surface, such as a table, a desk or a shelf, and will immediately become the distinctive element of the room. With its elegant shape and various lighting options, the Fontana Arte is perfect for those seeking sophisticated and versatile lighting.

Lamp is a design lamp designed by Max Ingrand and offered by Peverelli
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