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Kendama is a unique designer lamp characterised by the free composition of shapes and high-quality materials such as blown Murano glass and burnished metal. Thanks to its craftsmanship and innovative lighting design, Kendama is able to illuminate any room with style and elegance.
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Kendama - Lamps in burnished metal and Murano blown glass

An interplay of shapes and materials for unique lighting design

The Kendama lamp is an illuminating work of art consisting of a burnished metal stem, a cone and a Murano glass blown sphere. Available as a pendant, floor, table and wall lamp, this lamp offers a range of free and diverse compositions, inspired by the game that gave it its name. Thanks to its high quality materials and craftsmanship, Kendama guarantees an intense and elegant illumination, capable of enriching any environment.


The Kendama Lamp - The beauty of Murano blown glass

The working of Murano glass is one of the oldest and best-kept secrets of Italian craftsmanship. The Kendama lamp is inspired by this tradition, using blown glass to create spheres of different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the skill of the craftsmen who create them, each sphere is unique and different from the others, making Kendama a unique design element. The beauty of the blown glass blends perfectly with the burnished metal, creating a unique contrast that emphasises the handcrafted character of the product.

Innovative lighting

Kendama - Innovation in illuminating design

The Kendama lamp is an innovative product in lighting design thanks to its free form composition. The possibility of combining different pendant, floor, table and wall lamps makes it possible to create unique and customised compositions that can be adapted to any environment. The workmanship of Murano blown glass and burnished metal combine in a sophisticated and elegant illumination, making Kendama a product at the forefront of lighting design.

Beauty and functionality

Kendama - The harmony of shapes and materials

The beauty of the Kendama lamp lies in its harmony of shapes and materials. The burnished metal stem, the blown glass sphere with Murano workmanship and the cone create a perfect combination of shapes, which blends perfectly with the high-quality materials. The intense and elegant luminosity of Kendama lamps makes any room sophisticated and cosy, creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere.


Why choose the Kendama lamp?

Discover how Kendama can illuminate your home with style and functionality

If you are looking for a lamp with a unique design, Kendama is the right choice for you. Thanks to its free composition of high-quality shapes and materials, Kendama is able to illuminate any room with style and elegance. If you want to create a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere in your home, Kendama is the lamp for you. Its craftsmanship and innovative lighting design make it a pioneering product in the lighting sector. With Kendama, you can choose the composition that best suits your needs, creating customised and exclusive lighting for your home.

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