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Eileen by B&B Italia (EC190) is a console with a rigorous design, characterised by its steel cross-shaped base and bevelled top available in different finishes. Thanks to the innovative modular system, it can be adapted to any space requirement, customising the console to suit individual preferences. The structure selected by the Peverelli team is polished chrome, top in polished steel grey, dimensions: 190 cm x 40 cm x h.65 cm.  Read more
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Eileen: The Rigorous Design Console with Refined Details

The combination of the solidity of steel and the bevelled lines of the top, with customisable finishes to suit any environment.

Eileen is a console with a rigorous design that combines the solidity of steel with the rounded lines of the top. The cross-shaped base gives it stability and elegance, while the variety of finishes available for the top and structure allows it to be customised and adapted to any environment. Perfect for furnishing an entrance hall or living room, Eileen easily adapts to different style solutions thanks to its timeless aesthetics.

The Distinctive Element

The Cross: Eileen's Symbol for Stability and Style

The cross-shaped base is one of Eileen's distinctive details. This element gives the console greater stability than other design solutions, but at the same time is also an aesthetic element that recalls the world of art and culture. The cross is an original and sophisticated choice for furnishing the home, adding a touch of style and personality.

The versatility of the console

Eileen: Customisable with an Innovative Modular System

Eileen stands out for its versatility thanks to an innovative modular system. The cross-shaped base can be used in different sizes and heights, allowing the console to be adapted to any space requirement. Furthermore, the top can be made in different finishes and materials, such as marble or wood, to create a unique and customised product.

High-quality materials

Eileen: The Beauty of Timeless Design

Eileen is a console that is not afraid to stand the test of time. Its rigorous design and choice of materials give the product a timeless image, able to adapt to any furnishing style. The refined aesthetics and the quality of the materials used guarantee a high-end product that does not go unnoticed.


Eileen: which window into the personality of the buyer?

Let's discover together our customers' favourite finishes and how to customise Eileen to express their personality.

Eileen is a console with a versatile and rigorous aesthetic that can be customised with different finishes for the top and structure, making it unique and original. Its cross-shaped base lends stability and elegance, while its innovative modular system makes it extremely versatile and suitable for many furnishing contexts, both modern and classic.

In order to choose the most suitable solution for one's needs, it is important to consider the finishes most requested by our customers. In general, the preferred finishes for Eileen's table top are natural wood, transparent tempered glass or marble, while for the frame, chromed metal or painted finishes in neutral shades such as black or white are often chosen.

However, each customer has different tastes and needs and can customise the console to suit their personality and furnishing style. Indeed, Eileen adapts to different styles, from minimalist to more elaborate and decorative furniture.

Data sheet

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