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The best Italian design armchair: the Louisiana design armchair by De Padova


The Louisiana armchair, with its sinuous lines and handcrafted details, is more than just a piece of furniture. It is an investment in beauty and comfort, a journey through time that blends ancient manufacturing techniques and modern design. Each armchair is a unique masterpiece, whose beauty matures with time, like the leather that covers it. We are proud to offer this extraordinary armchair of Italian design at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.  Read more
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This is one of the best Italian design armchairs: the Louisiana armchair by De Padova

Inspired by the horse saddle, a triumph of elegance and comfort

The essence of Louisiana lies in excellence: of raw materials, of craftsmanship, of execution. A masterpiece by Vico Magistretti, Louisiana takes its shape from a horse's saddle. Handcrafted stitching embraces the sinuous lines, leather, of increasing beauty with the passage of time, envelops the structure. A cotton border profiles the removable interior. The armchair and pouf come together to create the most comfortable relaxation corner in the world, right in your own home.

The best Italian design armchair: the Louisiana design armchair by De Padova
The best Italian design armchair: the Louisiana design armchair by De Padova

Did you know?

The best Italian design armchair

Steeped in history and culture, the Louisiana armchair is a style statement. Its design mirrors the flowing, rounded lines of a horse saddle, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

This photo shows the De Padova chair

Past and future

Beyond traditional design: the style of the designer armchair

The leather of the Louisiana armchair matures with time, like a good wine. This innovation, combined with craftsmanship, makes each piece unique and eternally beautiful.

The best Italian design armchair: the Louisiana design armchair by De Padova


The rediscovered beauty of the designer armchair

This Italian design armchair is an example of authentic and enduring beauty. Its curves and the handcrafted details with which the entire structure was designed are a true celebration of the art of design.


Why choose the Louisiana armchair?

How can the Louisiana armchair transform your space?

Buying a design piece is a choice of style and an investment in time. The Louisiana armchair by De Padova, available at our showrooms in Como and Lugano, is an excellence in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship. This armchair, designed by Vico Magistretti, is inspired by a horse saddle, with stitching that follows the rounded curves. Leather, which becomes more and more beautiful as time goes by, and a cotton edging that contours the interior upholstery, add a unique touch of elegance. And with the matching pouf, create the most comfortable relaxation corner in your home. These pieces will not only transform your space, but will also be a symbol of sophistication and appreciation for the art of design.

This photo shows the Louisiana design armchair by De Padova, used in the context of the Hipstoric design style
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