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The Lucrezia Soft sofa by Maxalto (composition LX003) represents a work of art of design, capable of harmonising perfectly with any type of furnishing. Thanks to the possibility of customising the dimensions in width and depth. The dimensions are 278 cm x 249 cm x h. 64 cm). Upholstery in fabric, cat. Super. Complete with 4 back cushions 60 cm x 60 cm and two back cushions 60 cm x 60 cm.  Read more
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Lucrezia Soft: customised design and uncompromising comfort

The tailor-made Maxalto sofa for a unique relaxation experience

The Lucrezia Soft sofa by Maxalto represents the perfect union of design and comfort. Thanks to the possibility of customising the dimensions in width and depth, each element of the sofa adapts to the specific needs of the environment and the customer. Not only aesthetically appealing, the Lucrezia Soft offers uncompromising comfort thanks to its differentiated density foam padding and band cushion for a unique relaxation experience.

The versatility of the sofa

The curiosity of Lucrezia Soft: customisation without limits

The Lucrezia Soft sofa offers the possibility of customising each element according to specific needs, thus creating a unique piece of design. Thanks to the made-to-measure dimensions, you can choose the ideal width and depth to perfectly match your surroundings and needs. Let yourself be captivated by the versatility of Lucrezia Soft and create your own limitless design piece.

Cutting-edge technology

The innovation of Lucrezia Soft: a made-to-measure sofa

Maxalto's Lucrezia Soft sofa represents innovation in modern design, thanks to cutting-edge technology that allows each element of the sofa to be customised. Made-to-measure width and depth, combined with differentiated density foam padding and a band cushion, create a unique product. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, the Lucrezia Soft becomes the ultimate made-to-measure sofa.

Elegant and refined lines

The timeless beauty of Lucrezia Soft

The Lucrezia Soft sofa by Maxalto represents the essence of timeless beauty, thanks to its elegant and refined lines. The design of this sofa is a work of art, able to harmonise perfectly with any type of furniture, giving it a touch of class and refinement. The Lucrezia Soft is the epitome of high quality Italian design and represents a unique and timeless piece.


The Lucrezia Soft: why choose it for your stay?

Discover all the reasons why the Maxalto sofa is the perfect choice for your living space

Maxalto's Lucrezia Soft is the perfect solution for those looking for a customisable, elegant and comfortable sofa. Thanks to the possibility of adapting the sofa's width and depth, the Lucrezia Soft integrates perfectly into any living space, guaranteeing uncompromising comfort and relaxation. State-of-the-art technology and attention to detail make it a unique piece of Italian design, capable of harmoniously combining functionality and aesthetics. In addition, the differentiated density foam padding and the band cushion make it even more comfortable and cosy. Choose Lucrezia Soft for your living room and treat yourself to an unparalleled experience of design and relaxation.

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