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On the rocks

The On the Rocks sofa by Edra is an iconic creation by designer Francesco Binfaré, characterised by a sinuous and irregular shape reminiscent of rocks. The product in the configuration visible in the image on the left (432 x 298 cm) was selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale.  Read more
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On the Rocks: the sofa that revolutionises comfort

Customisable, modular and technologically advanced, an unparalleled relaxation experience

The On the Rocks sofa represents a perfect synthesis of art, design and functionality, revolutionising the concept of comfort. Its unmistakable appearance is characterised by its structure completely devoid of rigid elements, which allows for different combinations adapting to personal needs, turning into a sculpture to be composed at will and offering maximum customisation and freedom of expression.

The innovative design of the On the Rocks sofa, with its geometric structures in sinuous shapes, gives the room an atmosphere of great elegance and modernity. Its modular configuration, with four differently shaped seats and two backrests of different sizes, makes it possible to create a cosy and personalised ambience. Moreover, the exclusive technological materials used in its production guarantee an unparalleled level of well-being, offering an experience of pure relaxation.

The On the Rocks sofa is the ideal solution for those looking for an innovative alternative to traditional sofas, to furnish their living room in style or to create a relaxing space within a modern and sophisticated home. It is a unique design object, capable of combining elegance and comfort, which gives every room a touch of originality and personality.

Exclusive materials

GELLYFOAM, technology in the service of comfort

GELLYFOAM is the exclusive technological material used in the production of the On the Rocks sofa. It is an innovative viscoelastic foam, specially designed to guarantee maximum comfort and well-being. Thanks to its elasticity, the foam adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, offering uniform support and optimal weight distribution. In addition, GELLYFOAM is able to adapt to body temperature, keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. This feature gives the On the Rocks sofa an unrivalled level of comfort, offering an experience of pure relaxation. The choice of exclusive technological materials is just one of the many elements that make the On the Rocks sofa a functional work of art that redefines the concept of comfort.

Customising every detail

Configure your On the Rocks sofa

The On the Rocks sofa offers an adaptable configuration that makes it possible to create different combinations of seats and backrests, customising it to the individual needs and dimensions of the room in which it will be placed. Thanks to its versatility, the On the Rocks sofa proves to be a true work of functional art, adapting to both the aesthetic and functional needs of the user. The geometric structures with varied shapes can be combined to create made-to-measure and original solutions, characterising the On the Rocks sofa as a unique and unrepeatable piece of furniture. The customisable modular configuration is just one of the many aspects that make the On the Rocks sofa an ideal choice for those in search of a high quality product with unparalleled design

Strong customisation

An innovative sofa for unique furniture

The On the Rocks sofa has an avant-garde design, with sinuous geometric structures that make it inimitable. Thanks to its particular configuration, the On the Rocks sofa is a characteristic element of the home furnishing, giving the environment sophistication and modernity. The possibility of customising it to measure makes it an incomparable and original design object, capable of enhancing any type of furnishing.


What are the customisation possibilities of Edra's On the Rocks sofa?

The versatility of the On the Rocks sofa: endless customisation options

The On the Rocks sofa offers endless customisation possibilities, thanks to its modular configuration and the various upholstery options available. You can choose from a variety of fabric or leather finishes, in a wide range of colours, to adapt it to the aesthetic requirements of the environment in which it will be placed. Furthermore, the configuration of the seats and backrests can be fully customised to create a tailor-made solution. Finally, the On the Rocks sofa can be combined with various accessories, such as decorative cushions, to complete the furniture and make it even more comfortable.


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