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B&B Italia's Pab day system represents a winning design idea, combining the lightness and practicality of simple lines with the robustness and quality of materials. The shelf, folded in half and suspended by light tie rods, is the fulcrum of the system, which is declined in a wide range of storage elements. The product in the configuration (structure and top in wood) visible in the image on the left (cm 55 x cm 40 x h.50) has been selected by the Peverelli team for digital sale. Register and get a design consultation on this product.  Read more
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Data sheet


Pab, the day system with simple, robust lines

Technical description of a multifunctional container

B&B Italia's Pab day system is characterised by the base of a shelf folded in half, suspended by light tie rods and functioning as a bookcase and shelf. Its lightness actually conceals great strength, achieved through skilful engineering and quality materials. Pab offers a wide range of containers and benches, which can be equipped with drawers, to meet specific storage needs. The variety of available elements and finishes allows for numerous customised solutions and different configurations.

How a crease can become a style idea

The design curiosity of Pab

Pab's design is inspired by a sheet of paper folded in half, which becomes a shelf suspended by light rods. This simple fold is transformed into an idea of style, reflected in the lightness of the structure and the practicality of the storage elements. A winning idea that makes this day storage unit a product with an unmistakable style.

Technology in the service of design

Pab's innovation

Pab's innovation lies in the skilful engineering of the structure, which guarantees its robustness despite its lightness. The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail make Pab a product with a contemporary and functional design. The variety of elements and finishes available allows you to customise the product to suit your needs.

The elegance of the lines and the quality of the details

The beauty of Pab

The Pab storage unit is a product that combines elegance of line with quality of detail. Its lightness and simplicity conceal great attention to detail, which is reflected in the careful selection of materials and the precision of the finishes. Pab is a product that can transform any environment with its unique and unmistakable style.


Why choose Pab as your day system?

A product of a thousand possibilities

Pab is a living system with countless customisation possibilities, thanks to the wide choice of elements and finishes available. Its light but robust structure guarantees practicality and elegance, without compromise. The range of storage units and benches, which can be fitted with drawers, allows space to be organised efficiently and functionally. Pab is the perfect solution for those looking for a product with a unique and versatile design.

Data sheet

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