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This photo shows the Piper outdoor table by RODA

Piper - Table

RODA and Piper. The extendable PIPER table successfully combines simplicity of design with high quality materials. Its frame is made of stainless steel available in smoke, milk or rust, while the tabletop is made of Lapitec®, an innovative 'full-body' sintered stone. This material combines fine aesthetics with high physical-mechanical properties, combining the characteristics of technical porcelain with the consistency and elegance of natural stone. The mole-coloured variant of the top is easy to match with seats from the same collection or other outdoor lines. With its refined style, the PIPER table by RODA is an ideal complement for outdoor spaces.   Read more
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Data sheet


Innovation meets tradition, the Piper table by RODA

When design flows between outside and inside

The Piper table by RODA is an ode to functional elegance, where technical precision blends with a welcoming aesthetic. Created to enrich both outdoor and indoor spaces, this design piece skilfully interweaves high-quality materials and innovative technologies. With a sturdy aluminium frame, available in various finishes, it fits harmoniously into any environment. The table top, which can be made of teak, HPL or ceramic, offers a variety of looks to suit every taste. The Piper table embodies perfection in detail, ensuring durability and timeless beauty. Discover the magic of RODA design at our showroom in Como and Lugano, where tradition meets innovation.

This photo shows the Piper outdoor table by RODA

The Essence of Surprise

A secret hidden in the design

Did you know that every Piper table hides a unique detail? Designed to surprise, its integrated drainage system keeps the top always dry, combining beauty and practicality in all weather conditions. Available at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

Innovation at your service

Revolution in Comfort

The Piper table redefines outdoor comfort with its innovative adjustable top. This feature makes it possible to transform every convivial moment into a tailor-made experience. Discover the innovation at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.

Beauty That Speaks

A visual masterpiece

The beauty of the Piper table lies in its ability to capture light, creating games of reflections that enrich any environment. A true visual masterpiece, available at our showrooms in Como and Lugano.


Why the Piper table is the missing piece in your space

How it can transform your environment

The Piper table is not just a design object; it is a transformative element that defines the surrounding space. Its versatility makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, adapting to different styles with elegance and functionality. The choice of high-quality materials guarantees exceptional durability, while the detail-oriented design enhances the beauty of any environment. Available in our showroom in Como and Lugano, the Piper table invites sharing, becoming the beating heart of every meeting. Discover how it can transform your space into a unique meeting place, where design and functionality meet to create unforgettable moments.

This photo shows the Piper outdoor table by RODA
Data sheet

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